In the past several decades we have consistently elected persons from all parties to office primarily based upon what they have promised. We have ignored their qualifications and just increasingly wanted to know what they will do for “me” — my union, and/or my party. Too many citizens have just become lazy in voting and being responsible. Our republic cannot survive without well-informed citizens. Elected persons at all levels have become arrogant when they are not opposed, and/or held accountable for their actions. They believe they are bulletproof and for sure they are arrogant.   

    I challenge all readers to look at their junior taxing districts: schools, hospital, PUDs, fire districts, ports, and city, county, state, federal. Are they managing our tax dollars well? When was the last time you looked at any budgets? Do you even know what a budget is?  In general, all taxing authorities are overspending. There is a rule that all elected officials need to disclose their income sources and amounts. I have always believed they should post their credit score. We should know how they manage their own money before they manage ours.

    There is no question; your taxes will go-up on Jan. 1, 2013, regardless of the discussions now going on in Washington, D.C. The only question is how much, and yes all will be affected. The fiscal cliff discussion is just to divert your attention.  

    Don’t be naïve, the rich will be moving their funds and themselves to a protected status. How many of you have bought into the Obama myth of wealth distribution, and that taxing the rich will provide you some money?

    The largest feedback I receive from my letters is this: Citizens are mad. They are picking up the slack for generations of slackers, and we have been enriched by legal immigration, but we are suffering from illegal immigration.   

    The cost of this arrogance is being passed onto our grandchildren, 40 percent of people surveyed report that it’s okay with them, just give me mine now.


South Bend

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