As of this week, there are two groups of Americans.

One group, about 330 million people, hasn’t been vaccinated against the virus that causes covid-19. One in every 1,000 in that group has died in 11 months as a result of the virus — and the dying is still going on.

The other group, about 4 million people, has recently been vaccinated against this virus. So far, no deaths at all have occurred as a result of covid-19 vaccine in the United States. These vaccines lower the rate of severe covid-19 illness and death by about 95 percent.

The more people know about the covid-19 virus and the covid-19 vaccine, the more they want the vaccine.

Whether you can be vaccinated this month or not, please be careful out there! Experts think the pandemic will keep getting worse, in most of the U.S., before it gets better.

Kudos to the Pacific County Health Department, and to all of our health institutions, for their hard work!



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