Having opened the paper today, I find a "cartoon" on page five representing opinions of two of our military personnel obviously in Iraq/Afghanistan. While I agree with the statement to the left, as a Vietnam veteran I do take offense to the statement on the right. We "the military" never declared defeat. Our government, under intense pressure from some of the public and a great deal of negative news reporting, told the military to pick their toys and come home. We simply were not given the chance to finish the task.

It's time to quit using the Vietnam-era military as a whipping boy. Most of us who served, did so honorably. All we wanted to do when we came home was work, raise a family, grow old and die in peace. We asked for nothing in return, but I think most who served deserve respect. It's time to stop the bleeding, put in the final stitch ... it's time.

Bob Pruess

Vietnam 1967, '68, '69

Ocean Park

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