The coronavirus is making its third run on the United States. We are now at record levels of cases and hospitalizations. Science tells us the death count will rise exponentially in the coming weeks and months.

It did not have to be this way.

A study by the National Center for Disease Preparedness released in October 2020 concludes that between 120,000 and 210,000 deaths and counting could have been prevented had the pandemic response been taken seriously and not politicized by Trump. And still, tens of millions voted for him.

Another study shows that Trump was the single largest purveyor of misinformation about the coronavirus. He was shown to be responsible for about 38% of the total misinformation stream. And still, tens of millions voted for him.

Trump lies as a matter of course. Few things are more disrespectful than being lied to and Trump does it seemingly without consequence, over and over again. And still, tens of millions voted for him.

The Trump administration illegally separated thousands of children from parents seeking the American dream and put them in cages. At least seven children died in custody and to this day over 500 children have not been reunited with their parents. And still, tens of millions voted for him.

Trump plays the politics of anger and division. He insults, threatens and bullies those who dare oppose him. Most would not allow such behavior from their child but still, tens of millions voted for him.

He brags about sexually assaulting women but still, tens of millions voted for him.

What does this say about those who support Trump? It is clear they have little regard for truth or science or common decency. They ignore their moral compass and allow partisan prejudice to supplant reason. They cannot see the United States — they see only Red and Blue states.

Gratefully, a man of decency, a man of reason, has won the election with a record number of votes thanks to those who call themselves Americans first and acknowledge how important the words

E Pluribus Unem are for a healthy democracy.


Long Beach

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