Since the shipment of war materials in early May from the Port of Grays Harbor, 27 soldiers have died from the 3rd Stryker Brigade, 17 have died from the 4th Stryker Brigade, and one from the 4th Squadron, 6th US Cavalry. These men and women were all stationed at Fort Lewis. Their average age was 24 years old. These losses are from our back yard. Every state has its own death count.

Most loss of life occurred while driving in the very same type of vehicles that were shipped from our ports. How many more troops have been wounded? How many Iraqis have been killed or wounded? How many deaths will it take? How many of our young people must be sacrificed to the ideologies of old men? We are not protecting our troops by sending them machines of war. We are only adding to the coffers of those who sell the war machines.

The only way to end war is to not wage it. We must, as a society, say enough!

Linda Orgel


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