My wife and I have been going regularly to the Peninsula Nazarene Church, 13th and Pacific Ave N., now for five years.

Four years ago the church was broken into and money was taken. Some time later, again a break-in occurred, but they got nothing. We had to completely board up a window from those two entries.

Now, Saturday night (July 8), someone tore the hinge off of the door on the reader board to rearrange letters to spell vulgar words. We have been told by people that they have enjoyed reading our reader board from time to time. But I do not think we will be hearing that anymore because it's too costly to keep repairing from vandalism. It has happen once, it could happen again.

We are a little church with a big heart. You would be amazed at what this little church does for our community and for people all over the world. That's right, all over the world - visit us some Sunday and we would be glad to tell how this works.

On the Sunday following the damage, we as a church united in prayer and forgiveness. I cannot understand what joy a person would get from vandalizing a church. One of these days they are going to have to answer to God and when that time comes, may God have mercy on their souls.

If, whoever did this and that person can read this, I would like to know what joy you got and for what reason. Give me a call on my cell 360-244-9076, it cannot be traced.

Gene A. Westling


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