Property taxes. I saw a couple blurbs about new increases, but didn't really get it until I got my own statement yesterday. Incredible. Highway robbery. What are we getting for this increase?

In my case taxes went up 41 percent. I will know exactly how much when I get my actual tax bill. All at once, based on one good year of home sales down here (2005), my property taxes are raised 41 percent. I can pay it, but I bet many won't be able to, so they will go in hock to the county, eventually losing their property to them, for sale at auction. The county vehemently denies this, but what else could they say? "Yes, we're taxing people out of their houses so we can rake in some windfall funding?"

It might be a little more palatable if our basic county infrastructure wasn't so inferior. For what we are being asked to pay, we should have a fully staffed, trained and equipped police agency, and a first-rate hospital, with a fully trained staff, specialists and actual doctors, with the latest equipment. Alas, we fall at our shoelaces on these things, so maybe this massive bank-account grab will be spent on those things. I hope someone keeps score besides me.

When we moved here over six years ago, we always looked forward to getting back home to the Peninsula after a trip to the Vancouver-Portland area we came from. Now, we look forward to just getting off the Peninsula. I bet there are a lot of people that feel the same way. All those house with for sale signs must mean something. All is not well here, and for you newbies building houses, good luck. Didn't you wonder for a minute or two why so many homes were for sale down here? And are still for sale?

John Salsbury

Ocean Park

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