In regards to the letter written in the paper last week from T. & N. Wolfe, and the Public Utlity District (PUD). I feel for you in regards to losing your food in the freezer that you rely on for the winter.

But as far as blaming the PUD for it, well that is just a little too much for me to read about and not reply. The PUD does not have ESP and does not know when every little tiny fuse, wire, cutout, etc. is broken on the Peninsula. That is why there are phone numbers to contact them at all hours of the night to let them know when there is a problem. Then they get out there as soon as they can to find and fix the problem. That is their job. That is what they are out there for - to try and prevent as much as possible from happening. But it is not always the PUD's problem either.

There are other utility power companies as well that this Peninsula feeds off of. Bonneville for example, and not to mention Mother Nature. Could you imagine if the PUD or any other power company had to pay or replace every little thing damaged in an outage? Our rates would be outrageous! We wouldn't be able to afford any electricity.

As to the men at the PUD, they never get any credit for getting the power turned back on, or getting a phone call at home at 2 a.m. and running into work because of an outage, or risking their lives every day and night working with the power to keep everyone else happy. Those guys do the very best they can with what they have to work with. And I want to say that I appreciate every thing those guys do, every day. When I am home with no power and then the lights come on, I am thankful that those men and women did their job and can make it home to their families afterwards.

And as for not paying for the food ... well it sounds to me like you should have a problem with your insurance agency for denying your claim, not the PUD. Ask yourself this, if you had a older freezer, and the fuse blew, would you sue the company who made the freezer and make then replace everything?

Thanks to all at the PUD No. 2 in Long Beach, I appreciate you.

Alissa Hilbert

A PUD Customer

Long Beach

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