Victoria Stoppiello’s Jan. 5 article “Tarp as a signal and symbol” is interesting and confusing at the same time. I think we all get it that the economy has slowed down. How that translates into whether it is better to leave tax levels in place for everyone (contrary to popular belief there are not really any tax breaks for the rich) or raise taxes on those who make more money than they should, based on some arbitrary number concocted by a president who has no idea how business really works, so that we can create a truly dependent class just flat misses the point. 

If we really want to get serious about getting this economy back on track, then get serious about creating confidence in the business community (those rich guys that hire people) and those sitting on their money about what direction this country is heading in. Work, not handouts or some perverted sense of parity, is what stimulates an economy. Economic certainty is what builds confidence and promotes new real spending by those that carry the lion’s share of taxes in this country.  

Bruce MacPherson 

Ocean Park  

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