We would like to rally support for the upcoming levy for schools. This is a maintenance and operations (M&O) levy to replace an expiring one. The rate is actually lower than the expiring one. In our district we already pay less per $1,000 in property value for schools than our neighboring areas. This levy is the bridge between what the state gives us and what is needed to operate.

As we look around at the Peninsula youth we are hopeful for their futures. We think good schools give kids a leg up in life. The levy will provide monies for many needed areas in our schools.

It is good to remember that funding for our schools supports living wage jobs in our community. These workers live and spend locally, turning the dollars over more than once.

Please join us in voting Feb. 8 for the school M&O levy. Thank you.

Dennis and Marion Oman

Long Beach


We are writing in support of the February levy for the Ocean Beach School District. Taxes will not increase if the levy is approved and the funds will help the district maintain the current level of quality education and activities that benefit our students. 

A strong school system is reliant on the community it serves for resources and support. Our schools are alive with activity. Our students are receiving an excellent education, and benefit from many athletic and other extra-curricular programs. The passage of this renewal levy will help to continue current services for our students, keep class size down and retain our great teachers. 

The students of the Ocean Beach School District are also important for our local economy, as many will enter the community work force. Peninsula Pharmacies employs many graduates of the Ocean Beach School District, including three pharmacists.

In this tough economy, the purse strings are tight for all of us. As business owners and parents, we appeal to the voters to prioritize our students, get out to vote, and show your support. We have the power to decide that we want to keep more than just a functional school district at the heart of our community. Show your pride in our community, our students, and our schools. We can make a difference. 

Jeff and Casey Harrell 

Peninsula Pharmacies, Inc. 


The reasons why we Peninsula people should vote to continue funding the Maintenance and Operation Levy and Technology Levy were well laid out by Karen Harrell and Carolyn and Guy Glenn, Sr. in last week’s Observer. Their two letters made the very important points that this will not increase anyone’s taxes and also that we pay at lower rates than people of nearby Naselle-Grays River and Hoquiam school districts. 

Some of the benefits of maintaining the levies are the extra-curricular activities. They are not frills — they motivate and do so much to prepare students for life beyond school. Another benefit is keeping class size down. Trust me about this: You really don’t want students in large classes if you want learning to occur. 

I don’t have and have never had any children in this school district, but I infinitely prefer the advantages of living in a community with well-educated students. H.G. Wells said, back in 1920, “Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” I’ll choose to vote for education and the school levies and against catastrophe, thanks.

K. Sharon Van Heuit



We strongly support the Ocean Beach School District’s replacement Maintenance and Operations Levy on the Feb. 8, ballot and urge your support of the levy. This is not a new levy, but a renewal of our current levy. In fact it lowers the tax rate of the Maintenance and Operations levy. The replacement levy also renews our current three-year Capital Levy for Technology. The proposed Technology Levy also lowers the current tax rate already approved by the voters.

We are always amazed at the Peninsula’s support of the children through the Ocean Beach Educational Foundation, other children’s activities and the volunteering of the community’s people for school programs in the classrooms. This levy is necessary for school operations; the children are deserving of our continued support for their education.

As grandparents and retired educators we realize the importance of providing a strong educational opportunity for the youth of our community.

Roy and Patti Pellerin


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