On behalf of the 2007 Junior Miss Loyalty Court I would like to thank all the individuals and businesses that helped provide the three local food banks with $1,300 worth of non-perishable food items on Saturday Nov. 10. The day was a huge success thanks to the following businesses and individuals:

Thanks go to Okie's Sentry Market for providing us with $200 worth of in store credit, Jack's Country Store for providing us with $200 worth of in store credit, Sid's IGA Market for providing us with $200 worth of in store credit, Mickey Padgett-Schmale from the ReachOut Food Bank, Martha Murfin from F.I.S.H., Ginger Curran and the McDonald's team for providing the court and helpers with lunch, Rachael Ganna from the Ilwaco/St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank and Bob Andrew for allowing us to borrow his 15 passenger van to haul the court and the food to each destination safely. In addition, I would like to thank our group of helpers who contributed by packing food and helping the court during their shopping spree. They included: Joann Dalton, Jonathan and Jessica Encinas and Judi Andrew. Thank you all for your help!

Ragan Andrew

Junior Miss Loyalty Chairman

Golden Sands Assisted Living would like to recognize the following very kind-hearted and talented community members for putting on "Broadway Through Time" to benefit the LifeTrail Wellness Park: Michael Campellone, Andrea Patten, Mike McNatt, Cindy Flood, Pete Hanner, Rita Smith, Brooke Flood, Julia Larson, Randy Brown and Everett Pace. Each of them volunteered their time and incredible talent for this event. The concert possessed charisma, sentiment, comedy and drama; with each song as moving and entertaining as the next. Special thanks to Barbara Bate who cast, accompanied and directed the performance. Barbara has an obvious love of music, of people and of community. We feel very fortunate to know and work with her on this or any project. Thank you to the senior center for their lovely facility and services. Of course, a show is only a show if there is an audience; the turnout was wonderful with two full-houses. We are so glad you could join us and support the LifeTrail Wellness Park. Sincere thanks.

Pam Fox and the Golden Sands

LifeTrail Committee

Ocean Park

Those involved with the Haunted Dungeon would like to thank all our helpers for their extra effort and time giving our families and children a safer Halloween night. We would like to give an extra thanks to our sponsors: Oman and Son, Long Beach Subway, Beach Pirates, Peninsula Hypnotherapy and to our community we also would like to thank you most of all for sharing your families and friends with us on this Halloween night. All your donations are going to the Ocean View Convalescent Center on Pioneer Road in Long Beach so that the elderly folks there will have a nice Christmas. Even with the stolen advertisement directional signs we still did have a wonderful turnout. Thank you people! P.S. We will need volunteers for next year so give me a call at 642-0501 if you think you could help.

Dave Sperling

The Haunted Dungeon


Pacific Aging Council Endeavors (PACE) would like to thank Six Card Charlie's and their staff for organizing Texas Hold'em Tournaments to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from now through the end of the year. The entry fee for the tournaments is two cans of food. The canned food is being donated to the PACE Nutrition Program to benefit the elderly in our community.

DeAnn Kettwig

PACE Nutrition Program Director


The friends of Mike Cassinelli appreciated your support during the election. As a thank you, they are gathering at the SeaHag in Ilwaco from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Nov. 30. Wear your Mike Cassinelli campaign pin for a drawing and door prizes. Come join us.

Don Berger


Bob and I want to stand up and applaud our P.U.D. crew! Wow! These guys are not only fabulous at their jobs and professional to boot, but they get the job done quickly no matter what the weather is doing outside. Paying our bills on time is little thanks for a job well done.

But the courtesy and efficiency of the P.U.D. group goes far beyond that of the crews doing the work outside. The ladies that answer the thousands of phone calls respond as if they know who you are, care that you have no lights and are cold, and try to assure each person that it won't be too much longer.

We've lived in some pretty remote spots (Dutch Harbor, Alaska would be one) and we know how difficult it is to stock just the right back up equipment and have exactly the number of them that you need. Pretty much it is impossible. These men and women are really wonderful and we want to extend our thanks to each and every one of you.

Bob & Judy Beezley

Warm in Ocean Park

I would like to thank everyone who participated in last week's golf tournament benefiting the Boys and Girls Club. The forecast may have discouraged some people, but for all that participated the weather couldn't have been better.

My thank you list is quite long, but I need to start with Steve Newell and Dave Williamson for organizing the tournament. Next, I would like to thank Surfside Golf Course, as well as Jon and Christiaan. Thanks to all that sponsored a hole, including The Oysterville Guesthouse, Pat Lucero, Jeff Collins, Bill Welland, W&E, Howard Construction, Park Avenue Painting, Espey Rentals, Green Angel Organic Farm Store, Doug Goelz, Nordquist Properties, Rowland Bliss, Brian Hart, Brian Wilson, Dave Desmore, Honey Do's, Tony Mourikis, Jena Ross, Treat and Treat Design, Mortenson Construction, Ron Willis, CSB Construction, Your Castle Fence Co., Martha Murfin, Pacific Art & Office Supply, In Memory of Margaret Espey and Rainbow Child Care Center.

I would also like to thank all that donated food or raffle items for this event, including Heidi Waterbury, Tommie Brown, Stan Jackson, Tim Barber, Orepac Building Supply, Oman and Son, Cascade Wholesale, IWP/Phil, Boise/Mike, Builders Hardware, PGL/ Hurig Brooks, Weathervane Windows, Jolly Rogers, Hilman Hardware, McFarland, Diane Jackson, Okie's Sentry, United Grocers, Pete Johnson and a special thanks to Sharla Delfs for making us great hamburgers. I would also like to thank Boys and Girls Club members, Rita Nicely, Mary Goelz, Penny Treat and especially Barbara Sweany. This event wouldn't have happened without all of you. Last but certainly not least, I want to thank all the golfers who took time out of their Saturday to help bring a club to our community - we couldn't have done it without you. We all had a great day of golfing.

Jena Ross

Treasurer, Boys & Girls Club of the Long Beach Peninsula

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