Letters of Thanks: 5.23.2012

Ilwaco High School Class of 2012

    On behalf of Ilwaco High School’s senior class of 2012, I would like to thank all of the businesses and Ilwaco staff members that donated to our T-shirt fund. I am Ilwaco’s senior class president. A project of mine this year was to design and sell a class T-shirt. I didn’t want my classmates to have to pay full price for the shirts because of all the other graduation expenses, so I started to gather donations from our local businesses. We would like to thank Sid’s IGA Market, Diamond Espresso, Marsh’s Free Museum, Powell Seiler and Company, Kent Chiropractic Clinic, The Adrift Hotel and Spa, Aloha Charlie’s Fish Company, Radio Shack, Okie’s Thriftway Market, Jason Tynkila DDS Family Dentistry, and Ilwaco High School staff members. Now, all the seniors can leave Ilwaco with a piece of Fishermen gear!

Janie Bean

Class of 2012 president

A thank you to the Pacific County MRC

    Thursday was the Pacific County MRC Science Fair. It went from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with an awesome dinner at the end with oysters, crab, salmon and barbecue beef. What a feast! It was one of the most interesting days I’ve spent in a long time. Really!

    There were speakers on forestry, cranberries, shellfish farming, razor clams, salmon resources, crabbing, cattle ranching, dairy farming, tsunami

debris, beach cleanups, the Governors Office of Regulatory Assistance, and more ...

    Thank you to the Pacific County MRC and all the people that made the Science Fair possible.

Warren Cowell


    We wish to extend an enormous thank you to the owners of the Lost Roo, Mark and Helen Johnson, their suppliers and all their staff who donated their time and tips at the recent fundraiser for Grassroots Garbage Gang! WOW.

Shelly Pollock

Beach Cleanup organizer

    Editor’s note: This sentence was inadvertently left off Shelly Pollock’s most recent thank-you note.

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