It has recently come to my attention that there is planned development near Beard's Hollow in your wonderful county.

I have been a regular visitor in your area for 20 years, and consider it my "second home." I understand very clearly the temptation of short-term economic benefit of the planned site, but I beg you to consider the long term ramifications of such a decision.

One of the reasons I visit this area is for the incredible natural beauty it provides, it has not yet been "destroyed." If permisission is granted to build at this site, I, and many other friends and family members who travel to your area frequently, will be far less likely to visit and support the area, and will move on to find a new, unspoiled place where people have a larger view of what makes their place special for all time.

Thank you for your attention,

Don Dieterich


We were extremely distressed to learn that the dunes in Seaview may be replaced with a development by the same developer who has been active in Seaside, Ore. If this occurs it will be a tragedy.

Seaside has been ruined. We no longer vacation there. It is not merely developed, it is unattractive, uninviting and an eyesore. Seaview is our favorite beach. Our family has been coming to this area for 50-plus years. If this development occurs we will look for another beach that has not been ruined by development.

Make no mistake, this will not revitalize the area, it will undermine tourism and the economy.

Jan Mawson and Alan Kirkland


My family, friends, and I are regular visitors to the Long Beach Peninsula, and to the community of Seaview in particular. We greatly enjoy and appreciate the area's natural setting and beauty, its cultural and culinary offerings, its quiet peace, and the generous personal warmth of its residents. We spend several days in Seaview each autumn, and always depart feeling better than when we arrived.

Our affection for the Long Beach Peninsula cause us to be quite protective of its fragile charm, as I'm sure is also the case with most residents. For this reason, we must firmly disagree with the county's determination that the proposed Seaview Dunes development near Beards Hollow would not adversely impact the environment. It is clear to us that such a reckless development would very much risk the quality of both the human and natural environment, which should trigger a full environmental impact statement.

To sacrifice these outstanding, pristine dunes to development would truly be a case of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Such an action would unduly harm Sea-view's unique character, sadly homogenizing it into just another "Anyplace, USA" where short-term profit for the few is king, at the expense of everyone and everything else. At minimum, our own motivation to visit in the future would be considerably lessened. Please, let's do what is necessary to protect these lovely dunes in perpetuity.

Jim Scarborough

Bainbridge Island

I have been vacationing on the Long Beach Peninsula since Labor Day 1993, when I first discovered it through a friend's recommendation to visit The Ark Restaurant. I have been coming ever since, always staying at my favorite place, the Sou'Wester Lodge. I prefer the Peninsula to the Oregon coast, because of its unparalleled beauty and solitude along its 28-mile beach. It's possible to walk in one direction for a couple hours without ever meeting another person on foot.

I cannot think of a more devastating decision than to open up the Seaview coastline for development. It would be a travesty for the region. I disagree with a developer's comment that it would improve the local economy. If developers are interested in improving the local economy, they should create living-wage jobs, which are few and far between. It's commonly known that nearby Cannon Beach has become an enclave for the well-to-do, where local residents can no longer afford to live, although they must make a living there. This is, unfortunately, true of many resort areas.

Between 2001 and 2003, I lived on the Peninsula, while consulting with the World Kite Museum on their capital campaign. The experience gave me a new, local perspective and respect for the challenges that local residents face. Although I have returned to my visitor's status, I no longer have my innocence. I do, however, have a greater stake in the region's future. Once the new World Kite Museum opens, it will most certainly increase the Peninsula's appeal to tourists and will, hopefully, be a catalyst for new development that is sustainable but not destructive.

I sympathize with the need to strengthen the local economy, but such an effort must always be tempered by the realization that what is destroyed can never be replaced. And Seaview would be the poorer for developing its coastline.

Helen Gundlach


I urge you to reconsider the proposal to develop the Seaview dunes. As an annual visitor to the Sou'Wester lodge and a lover of the Long Beach Peninsula, my family and I as well as our friends, cherish the quiet and natural environment of the dunes intact. Imagining the dunes developed with condos or hotels is an image of spoiled beauty in a part of the world we long to retreat to for its tranquility.

Please do not let such a destruction of a quickly disappearing natural enviroment occur. Please consider the tourist dollars derived from the hikers and birders and cyclists who value a tranquil and quiet landscape far from the bustle of city life.

Bryony Angell


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