Dooger’s in Long Beach

    I as a senior citizen, along with eight to 10 friends, would like to thank Dooger’s restaurant for their Wednesday night half price meals. Every employee is very friendly and professional and the service prompt. The kitchen staff was unbelievable to get the orders out in such a timely manner, even with the restaurant full from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Of course the food choices were always deliciously prepared. Those people could make a busy New York restaurant look good.

Thelma Sembach and friends

Ocean Park

Rocket Diner

    There’s a delicious secret in Naselle: The Rocket Diner, family owned and operated with fresh homestyle food. It is open for breakfast and lunch Wednesday through Sunday and located on US Highway 101 across from the Naselle school. You might not notice it, but don’t pass it up. I never can and I dream up reasons now to go to Naselle so I can eat there.

    Breakfast is always good with eggs cooked just the way you want them. Hamburgers are so good. No frozen hockey pucks here. All patties made from fresh, quality ground beef. Chicken strips are hand breaded right there too. The cook is a natural. She told me that she has no formal training but you would never guess. The place is always clean and comfortable and the prices are right. It’s a mom-and-daughter operation and most days the two little kiddles are there too. So if you like fresh food cooked just right, take my word for it and stop by The Rocket Diner in Naselle.


Bay Center

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