Animal lovers say thanks as they head south

    We have lived on the beautiful moisturizing Long Beach Peninsula for 17 years now. I say moisture because of those raindrops. Unique Petique was the reason we got to know most of you. We have so many wonderful, kind people who have given of themselves to help both of us. Unfortunately we had a very horrible December. On Dec. 3, our baby cat, 8-year-old Fluffy, died of pneumonia. Bruce and I remember the day Cory McKeown opened a K-Cab and this all white, blue-eyed kitten (abused) walked up on my chest and put her paws around my neck and proceeded to kiss my face. Now for Scruffy, who was also saved, but wouldn’t accept a cat. Scruffy chases cats. But Bruce had to take her home to meet our cat. Hisses, hisses, growl, growl, but then they intermingled, shared and followed each other. On the last day of Fluffy’s life, she went over and head-butted Scruffy, who always put up with it.

    To cut this story short, my husband and I would like to thank all of you who came and got to know us before our health started failing. This is a great community to live in. If it wasn’t for my arthritis “osteo” in my legs, hips and hands, we still would be here. We are moving south and a nice couple will be opening a relaxing Kung Fu yoga place. Please help them as we all need exercise.

    To all we know and love, we will keep in touch. Cory, thank you! Diana and the humane society are the best. Love to all. Thank you so very much for the joy of our children with paws. Our prayers are with you all.

Jill and Bruce Archibald

Long Beach … headed south

Nothing illiterate about those who use firearms

    Does Terri Staples not know or care that the assault rifle signs point the way to a federally licensed business? They do not depict just an assault rifle but also contain the name of the gun shop owner who also, by the way, must be federally licensed. The fact that she can write such an ill-informed letter was guaranteed to her by veterans who carried military rifles and many gave their lives in doing so. Not wanting to see the signs when she leaves town is easily fixed, just look the other way or go the back road

    I am a gun enthusiast and shooter and am not considered an inbred, slack-jawed illiterate. I am an NRA member, a single action shooting society member and a past member of the Chinook Valley Gun Club. Oh, I also have a valid concealed carry permit which by the way the state will not issue to an illiterate. In closing, maybe we can hear from some other shooters out there. Whoops, I forgot, illiterates wouldn’t have been able to read Terri Staples’ letter to the editor and couldn’t write a rebuttal if they wanted to. Luckily the fact that hunters shoot deer and elk with those nasty guns and actually eat them was not brought up — maybe in a later letter.

Bob Bowlby

Ocean Park

Seemed to be a political agenda in pro-Christ letter

    The letter “Keep Christ is Christmas” and throughout the year was well composed but certainly, in my opinion, lacked some honest journalism. Speaking of the labels “dissent” and “rebel,” Sue Skinner used to describe the Lord Jesus Christ. According to Webster’s dictionary, “dissent” mean a person who disagrees with a government’s policies. Let the record of Luke 2:1-5 reveal that Jesus was willing to pay the “tribute” money, and in chapter 22:21, Jesus said, “ … Render (give) therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s …” with no idea of Jesus attempting to get around his obligation!

    You state he was a “rebel,” which Webster says has multiple meanings: Person who rebels against authority, to take up arms against, to refuse to obey those in authority. You made the accusation but gave no facts. Any honest person would demand facts to back these statements. Quite the contrary —when Jesus was falsely arrested he did not resist arrest but rather rebuked Peter who “took up arms” in an attempt to “fight.” But Matthew 26:52 records Jesus saying to Peter “ … Put up again thy sword into his place; for all they take the sword shall perish with the sword.” Sound like a rebel to you? Yet you said, “He was killed because of his message of  “…resistance to militarization …” Does that sound like Jesus of Matthew 26? You used the word “champion” meaning someone who has beaten all his rivals or opponents, yet the only victory he accomplished was being the victor over death by rising from the grave, opening the way for the hope of all who believed in him!

    Why is he remembered? Because unlike other rebels and dissidents, everywhere he went he was only a blessing. Even in his being illegally murdered he took the place of the true rebel named Barabbas and every rebel against his heavenly father. His memorial today is the fact that he paid the ultimate sacrifice by taking my and your place, paying the penalty for our sins.

    Because Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, you do not have to worry about putting him anywhere as he can choose anyplace he wills to be, especially in one’s own heart when invited!

Gary G. Jayne

Long Beach

Letter was out of date but his blog is current

    The Wednesday, Jan. 18, edition of the paper had a letter to the editor about “No” vote on the Surfside 2012 budget. This was written and published in the paper almost four months ago. It was their mistake to print it again now.

    However, this mistake may generate some new viewers to this site. To those who are new here, Welcome to Surfside Chat. Please review the page called “This Blog Site” on the left side of this posting.

George Miller,

your blog host


    EDITOR’S NOTE: We experienced a strange email glitch in which mail from months ago suddenly reappeared in our in-boxes, resulting in accidentally rerunning George’s letter last week.

“Slack-jawed local’ has other sign suggestions

    As to the letter about the M16 on the sign:

    First, it worked. You did not know what gun it was but you could tell it was a gun! Money well spent! And as for the thought of telling folks we are all gun-toting, slack-jawed, ’em-bred locals — well, you got it! You have got it right the first try!

     And with that, let’s move all the deer- and elk-crossing signs to long straight sections of the road so as to give the deer and elk a fighting chance to get across the road before a car or truck has time to hit them! The drivers will have time to watch for them, too. They should never be on a curve or bend in the road, that’s just not right!

     Now one that has been bothering us up here in Ocean Park — the cow-crossing signs are just wrong! The cow just looks too pretty — we don’t want them city folks to think we have a thing with them cows do you?

     Well, I could go on about this, but I have to take the bridge off the end of the Peninsula to Tokeland and pick up my Pixy dust. But it still will not make the first letter to the editor worth the time to read! Thanks for your time.

Albert (Slacked Jawed Local) Hilderman

Ocean Park

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