Construction causes parking problems

Patrons of the Ilwaco Timberland Library are routinely finding their access to this fine facility blocked because of a lack of parking in front of the Ilwaco Community Building. I understand that clients who visit the PACE offices, as well as the many senior citizens who enjoy noon lunches in the nutrition center are experiencing the same difficulties. This is due to the hospital construction project taking place just north of the building. If memory serves me, in an article carried in the Chinook Observer, plans were being carried out for hospital employees and visitors to park elsewhere during the construction project. I remember breathing a sigh of relief when I read that the parking lot in front of the library would not be impacted. Apparently no one passed this word on to the construction crews. In a seven-day period during the library's open hours (Oct. 10 through Oct. 21) I paid three visits to return books, pick-up materials ordered and research a consumer magazine. Each time a large portion of the north end of the parking lot was either occupied by construction workers, equipment or materials, rendering the space unavailable to library patrons. This afternoon (Oct. 21) the entire area was blocked by a piece of heavy equipment and materials dumped on the ground. I saw no workers in the area. The clients who frequent the PACE offices and lunchroom and library patrons have long shared the limited parking area and have managed quite nicely. The peak time for seniors is around their noon luncheon time. The library is open just four days a week for 29 hours. Two nights a week, Tuesday and Thursday, the hours are extended until 8 p.m. It seems unreasonable that patrons are going to have to time their visits to coincide with the six hours the library is open during the evening in order to find a parking space. I understand that construction will continue for quite some time. I sincerely hope that the city of llwaco and Ocean Beach Hospital can work together to rectify this situation before the cold, dark days of winter are upon us. While the construction project is for a noble cause, for those of us who use the community building regularly, it's a matter of survival. Some of us are seeking food for the soul, others are seeking food for the body.Terri Shields Long Beach

Pet Report

It's always puppy season at the shelter. Right now we have an abundance of dogs, including the seven black lab pups in this litter. They are all ready for adoption to a good home. We also have cats of all types, ages, sizes and shapes. There is a new friend waiting for you right now at the shelter. You'll enjoy the holiday season more with a new pet in your life. Our next fund raiser is the Book, Bake, Video and Craft sale. Please bring your books and craft items to the shelter now. We can also use non-clumping cat litter, paper towels, puppy and kitten food. Thanks to everyone who attended our Halloween party! We had a great time and so did all of our costume-clad animal guests!

Bill Turner likes Brady for treasurer

We all hope that we make the right choices at the polls when we cast our vote on Nov. 5. Some of us vote party line no matter who the candidate is. Some of us make our decisions based on what we read in our local newspaper. But are the writers always fair and unbiased? Then, some of us listen to our friends and the good old boys and girls at the local coffee shops and favorite gathering places. But do we really consider the true facts? Take for example the two candidates for the Pacific County treasurer position. I feel the two most important considerations should be the educational backgrounds and the work experience of the two candidates. When we look at Democratic candidate Tracy Shawa and her qualifications as reported by her ads in the newspaper we can note this: She says she is acquiring an accounting degree, which is a full time, five-year program. How will she accomplish this while being our treasurer? She is an Account Representative for a local bank. What type of position is this? Other bankers have told me that it's another name for a bank teller. Now let's consider the Republican candidate Brady Turner. He is a graduate of Ilwaco High School. He holds a four-year degree in business administration from Seattle Pacific University with studies in finance, economics, administration, and marketing. He has experience with computer technology. He is currently employed in a management position with a highly respected company that requires a college degree. Now ask yourself, whom do you want accounting for the millions of dollars in County funds? Even if Brady were not my son, my decision would have to be based on the most qualified candidate. Consider this: It is okay to vote across party lines and make an educated decision? And most importantly, vote on Nov. 5.. Bill Turner Long Beach

Turner: What treasurer's office needs

Why is it okay to send an 18-year-old man off to war to fight for our country, and yet we question whether a 24-year-old educated, experienced man can manage the county treasurer's office? As our country faces the possibility of war, let's really think about whom we want to run our government. Isn't it time to consider filling our offices with people who have taken the time and energy to get the education needed to do the job right. Managing our tax dollars is a huge responsibility, not one that just anyone should be allowed to do. We are voting for Brady Turner for Pacific County treasurer. Brady went to school with our grandson who just returned from serving four years in the U.S. Marine Corps. We're proud of our grandson for choosing the route he did, but we're also proud of Brady for choosing to attend college and get his business degree. We have a chance to keep this educated young man in our county and in our communities. That opportunity doesn't come along everyday. When was the last time one of our own children or grandchildren went away to college and actually desired to return home to live, work, and raise a family. Let's not let this qualified candidate slip away. As many of you know, we consider ourselves to be strong Democrats; however we do believe in a two-party system and believe that government runs much better when both parties are represented. Many of us remember the years that Republican Ross Neilsen ran our county treasurer's office. Ross Neilsen was a good Republican and a good treasurer. We believe that Brady Turner (even though he is a Republican and by the way, we're not holding that against him) will follow in the same great tradition as former county treasurer Ross Neilsen. You can trust your county government to Brady Turner. You have a choice. Choose to join us in voting for Brady Turner for Pacific County treasurer. Bob & Gloria GerwigSouth Bend

Shawa will be a great county treasurer

Some years ago I was heavily involved in politics. For the same reasons that ran in the Chinook Observer last week, I became un-involved. Politics, running for office, is a risky task. Saying just the right thing, as not to offend anyone, is hard. It's always hard to do the right thing! That is why I will support Tracy Shawa for the office of treasurer. She has run a clean campaign. For the first time in a long while we have good choices - all coming from different backgrounds and experiences. The truth is that no one can start at the top. We all have to begin at the bottom of that old ladder and, ever so carefully, inch our way to the top. Tracy has educational and life experiences that will provide her the ability to do the job for us, the taxpayer and voter. Tracy is afraid of nothing and I believe will not back down to anything that is not right. She can not help where she came from - none of us can! What she has done with her resources is pull from them and developed her own set of ethics and behaviors. For me, a proactive woman will be an asset and healthy change. Let's all get out and vote!Kat MarieLong Beach

Initiative 790 helps officers, firefighters without raising taxes

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about Initiative 790 that will be on the ballot Nov. 5. Initiative 790 concerns law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system Currently, Washington State is one of four states where law enforcement officers and firefighters have absolutely no representation on their own pension board. Instead, the statewide Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters Retirement System 2 (LEOFF 2) is run by a committee made up entirely of legislators. LEOFF 2 is separate from other state and government retirement systems, which under current law almost all active-duty firefighters and police officers belong to. Washington's police officers and firefighters contribute 50% of the pension funds directly from our paychecks to the plan, yet we have no say in how the legislature governs it. I-790 creates a new balanced Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor and legislative leaders that will consist of firefighters, law enforcement officers; local government representatives and state legislators. I-790 caps contributions at a reasonable level to prevent erratic and volatile rate swings. I-790 will not raise taxes nor increase benefits. I-790 does not direct funds away from any other State services. The legislature still has the final say and the Governor retains full veto authority. I-790 will guarantee firefighters and police officers representation on a new governing board giving them a voice in their own retirement without cost to taxpayers. Please support your local firefighters and police officers. Please vote YES on I-790.Jacob BrundagePresidentPacific County Fire District No. 1Paid FirefightersIAFF Local No. 3999Long Beach

Pacific County sheriff endorses Bardsley for Wahkiakum

It has been my privilege to work side-by-side with Wahkiakum County Undersheriff Dan Bardsley to improve public safety in our counties for the past 20 years. During those years, I have been very impressed with his exemplary work ethic, professionalism, and expertise. He has served the citizens of his county very well. Voters have a chance in this November's election to reward those years of service, dedication and loyalty by electing Dan Bardsley to the office of Sheriff. Those of us who have worked with Dan know that he is his own man and will bring a wealth of priceless local law enforcement experience to his new job. I look forward to blurring the political boundaries between our counties, improving communication between our sheriff's offices and providing all our citizens with enhanced services.John L. DidionPacific County SheriffNaselle

Education is important: Turner has it

Next week we will be asked to cast our vote for Pacific County treasurer. We have a choice between two candidates. Both claim to have the necessary experience and education for the job. But claims are easy to make. In reality, Ms. Shawa's experience consists of her work as a bank teller. Her education consists of her recent choice to begin working towards her two-year degree. A truly noble goal and I give her all the credit in the world for beginning this task. I know the work and commitment completing this degree will take. And it will not be easy to do if she is working full time as county treasurer. I would also like to commend Ms. Shawa on her diligence and efforts in running for this office. Going town to town, knocking on doors is to be admired. However, it is not a substitute for experience and education. Brady Turner, on the other hand, has already prepared himself, both professionally and educationally, for the job of treasurer. Brady has earned his bachelor's degree in business administration and has current and previous experience managing businesses, people, and finances. He will not have to learn those skills on the job. I have recently learned that part of the job description of county treasurer is to make recommendations to the county commissioners as to how the county's moneys should be spent and/or distributed. Because of her family ties, it makes me very nervous to think of Ms. Shawa having this responsibility. Being raised by one of the sitting county commissioners and being married to the city administrator of Long Beach should raise the caution flag of all voters. One family should not be in the position of having this much influence in one county. Being well connected in a community does not mean being well qualified. I strongly urge all voters to put party lines aside and cast your vote for Brady Turner for county treasurer.Liz HyltonChinook

Estes will work effectively for Pacific County people

I haven't written a letter to a paper in over two years because it does no good, but after reading the letters by Camenzind and Brown of Lebam, I have to - one week they are Republican and the next they are a Democrat. Who would take anything they have to say seriously? Is this a Democrat or a Republican talking? The main reason for all the good words about her (Pat Hamilton) is the grant for water in Lebam, but wait, the only reason the commissioner got the grant was that her own water was at-risk. People in Lebam just got lucky because they live in her area where she lives. I was at the candidate's forum in Grayland and after reading the other papers, I was not sure I was at the same meeting as the reporter. Wayne Estes answered all the questions, and the other candidate didn't. She only talked in circles. Why haven't letters for Wayne Estes been in the newspaper? Is it because the few people for the other candidate are advising the papers not to print letters for Wayne Estes? Just like they are taking down his campaign signs. This is all coming from the Ivory Tower in South Bend, called the county courthouse. The commissioner talks about how she spearheaded a campaign to send the Department of Ecology back to the drawing board. Well, Mr. Hatfield says he did it - which one is telling the truth? She also says she saved everyone in South Bend and Raymond $5,000; well, here we go again, Mr. Hatfield or her both want credit for it. A commissioner that is in Olympia more than Pacific County is not working for us, only working for herself. That's why I'm voting for Wayne Estes - he will work for the people of Pacific County, not for Olympia. So, vote for the only true working candidate, Wayne Estes.Harold PolingRaymond EDITOR'S NOTE: The Observer has printed all letters it has received by and about Mr. Estes.

Commission hopeful repeats charges on county management

Isn't it wonderful that Commissioner Hamilton goes to all these meetings which are held throughout the state, where she is one of many. To take credit for what transpires at these meetings takes a good imagination. I have a suggestion for the commissioner and that is to visit Pacific County once in a while. What we need here is some good old fashioned management. She gets irked when I mention mismanagement - to this I say good. The growth management has cost over a million dollars and we have little to show for it. The matter of the $7.5 million loan - she says that it is making money for the county - not true. Can she tell us where the money is? What the interest income is? What is the interest paid? I doubt it. Then there is the septic tank issue that has been put off until after the November election. What do they intend to do to us then? There is the matter of the building permits - why do people fear building inspections? The building inspector should be there to help the builder. Why did you lay off some low paid county employees last December so that you could give yourself and some other fats a hefty pay raise? Is your basic philosophy take from the poor and give to the rich? Why does Pacific County have two forms of government when we need only one? What kind of management is this? What about these golden parachutes that are nothing but sweetheart deals? What county employee is so valuable that you must pay over $100,000 to terminate them? What do these people know that the public doesn't know? All of this adds up to mismanagement and greed. As a candidate for county commissioner, I, Wayne Estes, will donate a good deal of my salary for community projects, and I will work to get the Department of Community Development to serve the people. We the people are not here to serve the Department of Community Development. This will be for starters because there is much more to do. One more comment: Why did an elected official come up to me and say, "The commissioners manage the county's money like idiots?"Wayne EstesCandidate for Position 3County Commissioner Raymond EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter was shortened.

Another voter for Brady Turner

On Nov. 5 remember to vote. I'll be voting for Brady Turner for Treasurer because it doesn't seem wise to elect someone (Tracy Shawa) whose husband is the city administrator of Long Beach (Nabiel Shawa). Tracy is, I'm sure, every bit as nice as everyone says. Maybe her views don't always mirror her husband's. But I've chosen to err on the side of caution, knowing that an innocuous position like treasurer could stepstone her into other positions. For those who missed it, Nabiel's last foray was as a main player in condemning portions of 20 property owners' backyards in Seaview for a public trail. He said last spring in this paper, "Come hell or high water" that the city was going to "get" that land; and created new ordinances to do so. He also helped secure at least $700,000 of Department of Transportation money for this recreational trail and at last check did not know from where the remaining funds were going to come for completion of the project. Even if I did agree with his politics I still would find it ill advised to vote for her simply because of the possible conflict it poses, real or perceived. This aside, I'd like to see the salary for this position go to the younger Turner family as opposed to one who clearly already has money and political pull.Lee PotterNahcotta

David Burke: Turn out and vote I want to take thank everyone who participated in September's primary election, and I encourage all registered voters to vote in the upcoming general election. No one should think that his/her vote doesn't count. A couple of the primary election races were decided by a small number of votes (including my race for Prosecutor). Recent history would indicate that several local races in the general election similarly could be decided by a handful of votes. I hope that every registered voter will take the time to express his/her preferences at the polls. Democracy works best when everyone participates in the political system. Please vote on Nov. 5th.David BurkeRaymond

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