Don't mess with angry mama bearOn the night of June 1st, my son's home was broken into while he was in the house asleep. His collection of movies, CDs, cassette tapes, electric razor in the bathroom, and what little money he had was taken from his wallet in his bedroom where he was asleep. When they departed, the front door was left open.

My son is handicapped, and because he has cerebral palsy, it has taken him a lot of hard work over the years to learn to walk and talk and get to where he is today. With my help he can live on his own. He is proud of this. So am I.

He was in a state of shock when I went in the next day to take care of him. He was so confused, he couldn't talk - he was frightened out of his mind. His house key was gone also, so he is afraid they will come in again.

What is it they say about bears around here? Don't mess with a mother bear and her cub! Please don't come back again. You just might find a very angry mother bear on the other side of the door!

Virginia Hamilton

Ocean Park

Go ahead and close the beach to drivingHere we go again folks. Another one of our good residents wants to close the beach to driving. Just what we need. The "Not in My Back Yard (NIMBYs)" are alive and well here in Long Beach.

It's not bad enough that gas costs more than a good bottle of booze, and the economy is still on its lips. Now we have the NIMBYs hollering to close one of the main attractions that still draw people here. While we are at it, lets chase all the RVs out of town, close all the motels to people with less than a $100,000 income and build condos right to the waters edge. Now we can be like Seaside and Cannon Beach. Of course while all this is happening, all the stores go out of business along with all the grocery stores. The gas stations close, and we are left with a ghost town and all you NIMBYs get to drive to Astoria for a bottle of milk. Sounds great to me.

While we are at it, we will raise all the property taxes up to the level of Seattle so we can fund all the fancy city services that you will want as well. Should I go on?

If you folks think this is a pipe dream, you better take a good look before you start changing things. The only thing that keeps this community alive are tourists. The only thing that keeps the businesses alive are tourists. The thing that keeps your property taxes low are tourists. Get the message. Don't mess with the tourists if you want to keep things going the way they are. Beach driving is one thing that draws tourists to the Peninsula. Mess with that, and you mess with everything.

There are already places on the Peninsula that do not permit driving: the area between Bolstad and Seaview during the summer and the entire area north of Surfside called Leadbetter Point which is closed permanently, are areas that one can walk without watching for traffic. What is wrong with those areas, or do you just want the whole thing to your self?

Don't mess with success. There are places for people to get away from traffic and places for those who want to drive on the beach. That is as it should be. We have a nice balance between activities for the tourists and the residents and the businesses. That really sounds good to me.

I moved out to this area because I liked it the way it was and is. I would like to keep it that way. We must do something about the unauthorized trails that can be driven to the beach, but to close the entire thing borders on cutting ones nose off to cure the cold.

Scott Pietz

Long BeachDale: Leave Clark's tree where it isRecently there has been discussion among the city council about moving Clark's tree. Apparently management from the Breakers motel consider visitors to the tree, off Pacific Highway, an infringement on their private property. I find this interesting as the city presented the concept of the tree and trail to the motel's board during my term as mayor, and our proposal was met with enthusiasm.

Nevertheless the tree is located where it is because the Lewis and Clark journals, and Clark's map indicated that they proceeded approximately four miles up our beaches. Although it's understood that because of accretion the east/west location would have been more easterly in 1805, the north/south location is accurate. The decision to locate the tree where it is has more to do with history than ease of access. Many historically-significant sights across this country are not easily accessed and have not been relocated. Imagine relocating a Civil War battlefield.

The entire state is being introduced to our trail as it is shown prominently at the busiest rest stops on Interstate 5 in Washington. Let's stick with the plan and reap the rewards.

Dale Jacobson

Long BeachLetters of ThanksI want to say thanks to Pastor Kerry Stroup and the people involved with the program, "Divorce Care" for that program. Thank you, Pastor, for allowing that program in our community. I wish that the program had existed before I got a divorce. Also to Valerie and Allan Harrison, thank you for providing the program with respect, without judgment and in a very friendly atmosphere.

On a different subject, thank you to Gwen and Robert Brake, Hospice and the great musicians for a very beautiful memorial program. The music, candles and symbols of life are very powerful. Thank you.

Ivone Drabik

Long Beach

The Ilwaco Junior High dance, called the "End-of-the-Year-Bash" was extremely successful this year. It is a non-profit dance that the students put on as a reward for many achievements made throughout the year. There were approximately 145 students from the 7th- and 8th-grades that attended.

The ASB officers would like to thank everyone involved with the dance's success. There were many people and businesses who contributed either through their labor or donation of door prizes. We feel very fortunate that they wanted to be part of our celebration.

Thank you to: Dennis Company, Corral Drive-In, Long Beach Trading, Lightship Restaurant, Double R's Rides, Cowboy Coffee, Neptune Theater, Peninsula Pharmacies, Mostly Hats, Ilwaco Market, Shoalwater, and Ocean Kites. (If we missed anyone, please accept our deepest apology.)

Ilwaco Junior High Officers

We apologize for the lateness of this letter, but want to publicly thank the following businesses and community members for their generous contributions and support. The 7th Annual Easter Eggstravaganza and the first annual Teen Flashlight Egg Hunt were a huge success thanks to all of you.

Back Country Horse Rentals, Long Beach Police Department, Pepsi Cola, Mostly Hats, Ocean Kites, Neptune Theatre, Active Enterprises, Gas n' Grub, Matt Tilley, Active Enterprises, Cottage Bakery, Long Beach Go Karts, Completely Nuts, Artistic Bouquet, Ilwaco Fire Department, Peninsula Pharmacy, Okies Sentry Market, Jack's Country Store, Hal Norman, McDonalds, Subway, Wild Hair, Funland, Kristine Ford, Chico's, Sunbrella's, Sid's, Chinook Coffee Company, Surfer Sands, Chen's Restaurant, Box K,, Pell's Floor Coverings, and John McCall.

New Life Church

IlwacoKeep predatory cats out of her backyardI, too, read Judy Stone Roth's letter. Finally, another person who does not think neighbor cats are adorable.

We live on a beautiful little lake in Ocean Park. Every spring we enjoy watching proud mama duck parade her little ones for us to see. What I don't like to see is a sneaky cat getting ready to pounce on a cute little duckling.

Also, when I'm gardening and come across their leftovers, it upsets me a tad! My yard is not their litter box.

I wrote a letter a couple of years ago to the Observer about the feral cat problem.

Well, it's not just the wild ones who are a problem, it's neighbor cats as well. I would never kill a cat, but I'll give them a good scare. Neighbors, please keep your cats at home.

Judy Crowston

Ocean ParkReader: Malast and Sparks both up to their old silly waysI see Ron Malast is complaining about people who don't tip "enough" to deckhands. I think the tipping thing is a bit outa control - tip the maid at the hotel, tip the waiter, tip the cab driver, tip the paper boy, tip the deckhand - where does this end?

Maybe all the people had was $2 for a tip - not everyone is as solvent and maybe some people scrape together all they can to afford a fishing trip. The way I look at it, $10 a person, multiply that times, say, 10 people on the boat for say four hours worth of work - that's a pretty good pay check. Where do I apply?

And I see good ol' Craig is at it again. Come on man, go back to your beloved California and quit trying to change things that were in place long before you decided to grace us with your presence.

And by the way, the last time I was fortunate enough to follow the non-American oil burner that Mr. Sparks drives I thought to myself, "Now there must be one of the most wonderful British SUVs; must get great gas milage, and I'm sure that one leaks no oil."

If you are so unhappy with our little slice of heaven go home or investigate before you move somewhere and become a angry transplant. Why did you move here anyway? I don't go out for sushi and then complain because I don't like raw fish.

I wonder if in the early days of the stage running down the beach maybe they were running over baby seals and shooting cute tweety birds back then ... hard to believe there is any wildlife left.

Oh well - just another Californian trying to make it like where he left.

Responsible beach driving forever...

Paul Pettigrew

SurfsideBusiness Organization InformationTo heck with statewide vote; let us enjoy our beach

In regards to the Craig "I've got mine" Sparks column of June 2, it's always nice to be reminded that there are those who stand to gain from what would be a real loss to the rest of us.

While we would no longer be free to "run the beach" looking for glass floats or wood to cut, Craig would be free to enjoy his "private" beach without those pesky senior citizens, who can't hike five miles, blocking his view.

Now he is talking a statewide initiative to block beach driving. Why? We don't vote on local recreation opportunities for Spokane or Seattle - we aren't qualified. Only southwest Washington residents are, for the most part, aware of our unique circumstances.

If you must have a private beach, Craig, go to the Straits of Juan de Fuca or Hood Canal. Let us enjoy our public beach - all of it that we have left.

Margaret Staudenraus

Long BeachNew Life Church fireworks stand benefits great causesFor the fifth year New Life Church in Ilwaco will open their fireworks stand the end of June.

The proceeds from the fireworks sales fund Pioneer Clubs and Reactor Youth Ministries for the year. Pioneer Clubs is a weekly program for children 4-years-old through sixth grade and runs the entire school year.

Reactor Youth Ministries is for junior/senior high school students and young adults. On any given Wednesday night there will be 50-70 children/youth who benefit from learning to build positive relationships, good moral character, social skills and bible scripture memorization that will last a lifetime. New Life Church is doing its best to provide a safe and positive atmosphere for the children of our community.

This 4th of July, please help the children of our community by stopping by the stand in Ilwaco and purchasing your fireworks.

Tammy Engel

ChinookReagan changed America for worseRonald Reagan's presidency changed the course of U.S. politics for the worst. Reagan's policies of masssive defense expedenditure and huge tax cuts put this country into recession.

He used tales of welfare abuse and big government spending to make people distrust their own federal government, truly his real legacy.

The Bush Administration will use this "tragedy" to their advanage. Taxpayers' money is better spent on current servicemen's pay and equipment.

Hal Roth

Ocean Park$2,000 raised for new county museumThe winner of the Pacific County Museum grill and meat raffle was Donna Tenoski Young of Salem, Ore. The gas grill prize was donated by Bud's Lumber in South Bend and the steaks were donated by Pioneer Market also in South Bend. Four hundred tickts were sold and over $2,000 raised for the Society's new museum.

Bruce Weilepp

Museum Director, South Bend

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