Turner is great choice for treasurer   I have read with much interest the comments made toward the position of Pacific County treasurer. Now that the final candidates are about the vie for the seat, I would be remiss if I didn't speak out for Brady Turner. I have had the opportunity and pleasure to teach and coach this outstanding young man.

As a student, his ability to accomplish advanced tasks on a daily basis was second to none. Brady is very thorough and investigative; he was always organized and punctual. Brady's contributions as a competitor in athletics carried the same ingredients to the forefront.

He was a tenacious foe - always seeking to make each event a positive effort which was infectious to his teammates' aspirations. I would recommend without reservation that you consider casting your vote for Brady Turner as your next Pacific County treasurer.

Les Nash

Ocean Park

  Lots can't afford new parking fees   On the first of January 2003 make sure to have $5 bucks handy every time you go to Fort Canby State Park or any other Washington State Park, for that matter. That's because the funding already provided by our tax dollars just isn't enough to meet park maintenance and service needs. This comes as no surprise to me, particularly since the State of Oregon has had such fees in place for a number of years.

While it's irritating to have to pay for the privilege of using land that belongs to each and every one of us, apparently the only other choice is to watch the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission close down some of our parks. At its December 2002 meeting, the Commission is supposed to propose discounted fees for low-income seniors and some low-income families with children. This sounds just fine, but a front page article in the Sept. 18th Chinook Observer points out that the city of Long Beach has "the biggest income disparity among cities and towns with a population of 1,000 or more. Ocean Park has the fourth biggest."

While I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford $50 dollars for an annual parks pass, what about all those people who would have to give up a week's worth of groceries for one? Of course, in 2006 these fees are likely to increase to $7 dollars a day or $70 dollars annually. A lot of people with low incomes who aren't senior citizens and don't have children are essentially going to be locked out of their own parks.

As far as I'm concerned this is just one more example of the blind contempt government bureaucracy holds for those at the bottom end of "trickle-down" economics. I think I'll contact Representatives Mark Doumit and Brian Hatfield and see what they have to say about 'passes for the rich.'

Ralph Warner

Ocean Park

  Thanks to people of the Peninsula

   On August 18th, one month ago, my mother and I were involved in a serious car accident on Highway 101 between Ilwaco and Chinook. We were on our way back to Ridgefield after spending five days relaxing and enjoying ourselves at our vacation trailer in Ocean Park.

We were all packed with our food, clothing, and seafood we were taking with us when we were hit by a driver who crossed both lanes to wipe us out. We ended up off the road with our car totaled.

This is where the caring help of the people of the Peninsula turned what could have been a terrifying experience into one that amazed us at all the wonderful people who volunteered to help us. Starting with the volunteer firemen who calmed my mother and kept her in the car safely until the paramedics arrived, the tourists who stayed over two hours to make sure that the State Patrol had their statements, the ambulance attendants who volunteered to take our suitcases with them in the ambulance, the outpouring of help was hard to believe.

Upon arriving at the hospital and finding ourselves unable to get a rental car until the next day, the hospital receptionist assured me not to worry she would find someone to get us back to our trailer as soon as my mother was released, which she did. Then to my amazement George the tow truck driver from Ocean Park arrived with my car on his flat bed truck and volunteered to take my car back to my trailer and unload all our belongings for us and assist me in getting a rental car for the next day. Even the cab driver who drove us back to the trailer stopped at the store so we could get some food for dinner on the way home.

The treatment we received from all the wonderful people at the coast took a lot of the sting out of being involved in a wreck, losing my car and being injured. If something like this had to happen to us, I feel we were very lucky that it happened where it did. We left the peninsula with a good feeling and felt like we had been very lucky people. We are recuperating nicely from the accident and want to say thank you to all the people who assisted us.

Mary Wenthin

and Helen Yinger


  Letters of Thanks   The Oysterville Restoration Foundation wishes to thank the many merchants and individuals who have contributed their time and effort, raffle prize donations or other financial support to our recent "Vintage Oysterville" event and annual fundraising campaign, Your generosity will help us continue our preservation efforts within the Oysterville National Historic District.

Oysterville Restoration Foundation

Thank you to the local businesses who sponsored prizes for our Puzzle It Out Summer Reading Program 2002, including: Cottage Bakery and Delicatessen, Hedgehaven Specialty Foods, Jack's Country Store, Okie's Sentry Market, Video Den II, Sandpiper Books, Neptune Twin Theaters, Sid's Supermarket, Dunes Pool, along with the Friends of the Ilwaco and Ocean Park Libraries.

We also appreciate the following folks for allowing us to post flyers letting the community know what's happening at the Ocean Park Timberland Library: Ocean Park Elementary School, Bank of the Pacific, Great Northwest Federal Credit Union, North Beach Clinic, Rainbow Daycare, ECEAP Preschool, Pacific County Health Dept., Peninsula Church Center Daycare, the U.S. Postal Service at Ocean Park, Nahcotta, and Oysterville, along with Jack's and Okie's. Thanks also to KMUN, Hipfish, and the Chinook Observer for keeping everyone informed.

Your kindness helps more families participate in events here throughout the year. Thank you!

Timberland Library Staff

Ocean Park

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the following people for their help and hard work during our recent loss. Thank you to Donna Mead and Joy Fleming from Harbors Home Health and Hospice for your excellent treatment and care of Marcia.

We would also like to thank everyone in the community for the caring wishes, goodies, cards and flowers. And a special thanks Penttila's Chapel by The Sea.

Thank you for caring.

Bill Cutting and family


  Taxpayer: Just say 'No' to parking fee   I am a volunteer in the community, I donate hundreds of hours to the three local lodges in the community and I am a blood donor, currently working on my fifth gallon. I hope to continue donating my time, talents and blood.

My one enjoyable recreation is fishing on the jetty. Now they want to charge me $5 just to park my car while I'm enjoying my hobby. This is an outrage and I won't stand for it! I feel heads should roll in the Parks Commission. If the budget is so pressed for bucks, then maybe the governor should lay off some highway patrolmen that I see harassing our much-needed tourists. All for that high and mighty dollar!

This is discrimination in its lowest form - only folks with bucks are allowed into Fort Canby!

I have been paying taxes since I was 13 years of age, until I was age 57. That's a lot of taxes to be paying and now this (plus paying taxes into the Pacific County tax coffer!) I am a very frustrated taxpayer.

The address to complain to is: State of Washington, Parks and Recreation Commission, P.O. Box 42650, Olympia, WA 98504-2640.

Dale Shoemaker

Long Beach

  Sorry if he offended all Muslims and Mr. Stoutenburg's sense of good will   After reading Mr. Stoutenburg's response to all the editorials and letters in the Sept. 11 Chinook Observer, I feel compelled to write a response to his severe criticism of the material in the paper and his shot at the Observer editorial staff. I can't speak for anyone else involved in those written diatribes, but I want everyone to know that I am sorry if I have offended all Muslims and especially sorry if I offended Mr. Stoutenburg's sense of good will toward all men and women of all faiths. I still feel great anger toward those few Islamic extremists who would do us harm.

But my letter to the editor that day was supposed to be about my dislike for the school voucher program which is now a done deal as far as we here in the United States are concerned. I was so ill- informed that I didn't realize that the Supreme Court this June ruled that the school voucher system did not violate the notion of separation of church and state. Since the government gives the money to parents and not directly to church and other private schools, passing tax dollars out that way does not directly support such schools. Not only that but the money passed out in this fashion does not go directly into curriculum development or religious study. Wow!!

Beyond all of the above, I would like to thank the Chinook Observer editorial staff for accepting the drivel I turned in and for paying attention to the First Amendment. It is nice to know that I live in a community that doesn't ban free speech. In the future, however, I think I'll stick to reading parables instead of writing letters to the editor.

Ralph Farrow

Ocean Park

  $9 billion in pork, and counting   I read Norman's report in the letters to the editor and I agree with him 100 percent. Congress so far this year has spent $9,000,000,000 - yes, that's $9 billion dollars on pork barrel projects. I also agree with Nate Silvalu on State Parks parking. Now a word of my own.

President Bush is being called the new Hitler, by the Germans. I think that if he attacks Iraq without United Nations approval, then President Bush is violating not only the United Nations constitutions, but the constitution of the United States. Bush 'senior' is a big oil magnate, and Vice President Cheney is also a big oil magnate. You don't suppose President Bush is willing to expend 50,000 United States troops just to gain control of Iraq's oil fields! Naaaawh!

Thomas Funderburgh

Long Beach

  Loomis weed cleanup looking great   Thanks to all the people who are responsible for the clean-up of Loomis Lake. The Loomis Lake Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Plan that was approved by the Ecology Department was funded and was implemented this summer. The milfoil seems to be disappearing and the lake looks great!

Since the first Loomis Lake meeting in the August 1996, there have been many people involved. There are so many individuals that worked on this, it would be impossible to thank them all, but a special thanks must go to Sally West and Glenda Thomas, as they organized the first meetings for the area's concerned citizens, (the Loomis Lake Group.)

The Pacific County Conservation District listened to our concerns and helped develop a plan. They obtained a grant from the Department of Ecology and then additional funding from the Corps of Engineers. They also were responsible for obtaining the necessary permits for this project.

So thanks to the Pacific County Conservation District, and our elected county and state officials who aided in making this clean-up a reality. Special thanks to County Commissioner Bud Cuffel, State Rep. Brian Hatfield, State Rep. Brian Baird, and State Sen. Sid Snyder as they wrote letters of support to the Army Corps of Engineers requesting the additional funding for this project.

Nadine Long

Ocean Park  His Supper Table/Thrift Store Update   September, 2002

I Cor. 12:12, 27 "For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ ... 27: Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it."

The passage above describes the universal, invisible Church as the Body of Jesus Christ, with every part indispensable.(vs. 22) Earlier Jesus said, "As the Father sent me, so send I you.

This month, we quote from a message written by an unknown author and presented by Deacon Glenn Clifton, St. Mary's, to the Peninsula Christian Council (a conglomerate of pastors and lay representatives from 16 churches which meets locally on a monthly basis for the purpose of fostering united action in community, charitable or celebratory events). In part, the council recited as a goal, that "someday we will glimpse the face of God in the poor, (and) in our fellow ministers; that "someday soon we will share the food from our table with those who must go without;" that "someday soon we will turn our churches into cafeterias for the poor - and the rich; that "someday soon we will live more simply, so that others may simply live;" that "someday we will experience the liberation of Jesus' love and share that openly with others;" that "someday begins today!" Deacon Clifton's prayer included, "We are the presence of Jesus Christ in the world today."

A bookmark, unreferenced, reads, 'It's time the World's Real Super Power stood tall in the Word."

The "super power" so designated, is the church, whose members individually have access to the Supreme Ruler of the universe, who attempt to express the love of God through intercession and action, and who truly make a difference, because of the Super Power of God. He freely gives; and through His Grace, His people freely share.

His Supper Table is one cell of the body of the church united in the cause of Christ. Joined, spirit to spirit, we stand.

Meals served in August, 2002: 3,326 Meals serve to date in 2002: 28,548 Meals served in five years: over 130,000.

Donna Oatfield

Long Beach  

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