Caution still best advice for our surfThe lead story of this week's FUN section, "Surf's up on the Long Beach Peninsula," has me shaking my head in disbelief. We are finally experiencing a summer season that has remained free from any tragic loss of life in the surf along our coast and here is an article promoting water activities. There is a very serious reason that, quoting the article, "surf's up" is seldom heard on the Long Beach Peninsula." The water is cold, the currents are strong and unpredictable and the 20 plus miles of coastline does not have life guard stations. The Surf and Rescue Team that patrols the city of Long Beach's access area has already pulled five people from harm so far this season. These dedicated team members are all volunteers and there just isn't enough manpower, equipment or money to patrol the entire beachfront. Our neighbors to the north, Ocean Shores, have lost two people in the waters off their beach this summer.To print an article that promotes going in the water is unbelievable. To run that article and picture during Kite Festival week, when historically, we have the very most number of tourists visiting the area is quite simply irresponsible. The off-hand cautions included in the story are in no way sufficient to warn visitors of the very real danger our surf contains.I am not familiar with Mr. Heimbigner, the correspondent that wrote the article, but wonder if he is new to the area and if so, why did he not do some background work regarding swimming off the Peninsula's coastline before writing his story? And why, Mr. Winters, as the editor of the paper, did you not see the direct conflict this story contains versus previous articles in the Observer that stated quite clearly, STAY OUT OF THE WATER?Finally, quoting Ericka Karnofski's comments about the lack of a wetsuit, "I don't have a wetsuit, which means I either get used to the cold water or I go numb." I would like to add another possibility to the mix - hypothermia. This condition is not merely an annoyance; it can be and is very frequently deadly.Bonnie CozbyOcean ParkPlastic sheets are lousy idea for WillapaI just read a comment by Erika Schreder, spokeswoman of the Washington Toxics Coalition and one of the most vocal opponents of the use of carbaryl by the oyster farmers to control burrowing shrimp in their oyster beds, that is so ironic I had to pass it along. She suggested that the oyster farmers instead should use plastic sheeting to cover their ground. I know from experience that the first good winter storm would roll the plastic into a ball and wash it off the beds, but look at the mindset her suggestion implies. A 12 foot by 100 foot roll (1,200 square feet) of 6 mil sheeting weighs over 30 lbs. An acre is 44,000 square feet, so it would take over a thousand pounds of plastic sheeting per acre for coverage. In her mind, it is less risky for the environment to put over 1,000 pounds of non-biodegradeable plastic per acre into the bay than 8 pounds of carbaryl (the permitted application rate) which disappears through photodissociation and dilution to undectable levels within hours. Even assuming that there were a way to keep the plastic in place, I would never use it because it would choke off all life beneath the surface. I believe that all the plants and animals associated with a healthy oyster bed should thrive for the long-term good of the bay, and the clams and worms that live in the sediment are an important part of that community. (And by the way, they can't survive in shrimp-infested ground.) Next time you see a public comment by Ms. Schreder keep in mind her willingness to sacrifice the subsurface organisms on oyster beds and her preference for the use of a chemical that will persist in the bay for hundreds of years over one that can't be detected within hours of its application. John L. Wiegardt III PeninsulaLetters of ThanksSincere thanks to staff, parents, and community volunteers who assisted with our annual kindergarten screening at Long Beach Elementary on Aug. 21 and Aug. 22. We appreciate the hours you gave in order that we could gain, as well as give, the information needed to ensure a smooth beginning for our youngest students.Special thanks to Rich Eades and Linda Koplin of our transportation department; Long Beach staff members Jan Person, Norma Daniel, Dot Gramson, Terri Russum, Kathy Herzog, and Debbie Chavez, and teacher-in-training, Carlye Forsberg, Vancouver. Thanks also to parent/ community volunteers Martha Murfin, Alice Smith, Susan Carney, Tracy Odneal, and Renae Parker. In addition we would like to thank our HeadStart and ECAP personnel who helped behind the scenes in the completion of registration files for us last spring. We could not have accomplished our mission of providing a smooth and effective transition without all of you. Your time and effort are appreciated more than you can know.Kay Chabot, Kindergarten teacherCarol Lynn Ockfen, PrincipalLong Beach ElementaryRecently there have been a couple of thank you notes to the people that have put in hours of devotion and hard work at the Peninsula Saddle Club.However, there is one very important person who still needs to be thanked for her never-ending loyalty, work, and devotion. She is probably the backbone of Peninsula Saddle Club and I cannot imagine the club without her.In addition to the duties she performs for the club and the annual rodeo, she is the problem-solver, mentor and friend for PSC members and guests.This person is President Becky Huddleston. The big "THANK YOU" belongs to you.Tracy GilbertPeninsula Saddle ClubJAZZ & OYSTERSMany, many thanks to all the people of this community who made our recent fundraiser a resounding success. Proceeds from Jazz and Oysters help finance the series of concerts that Water Music brings to the community each fall. The volunteers who spent countless hours putting the whole thing together are too numerous to list individually - we have close to 70 - but please know that we appreciate each and every one of you. We'd like to thank our local business sponsors: the Depot, the Sanctuary, 42nd Street Cafe, My Mom's Pies, Sid's Market, Cottage Bakery, Moby Dick, the Ark, the Sanctuary, the Canoe Room, the Tides, the Shoalwater and Dianne Duprez for the delicious desserts; Jessie's Ilwaco Fish for ice (and John and Donna Reynolds for hauling it); Oysterville Sea Farms for "technical" support and making sure we didn't run out of fresh oysters; the Oysterville Community Club; the Beach Barons for the use of their stage; the Chinook Observer and The Bank of the Pacific for publicity; and Kathy Moore and Okie's Sentry Market for the invaluable assistance with food prep, hauling and storage.And, of course, thanks to all our friends, on and off the peninsula, who joined us for an afternoon of great live jazz, wonderful food and a "downright" good time.The Board of DirectorsWater Music FestivalA big thank you to all the ladies of the Ocean Park Eagles #3602 for Dolores Ewald's memorial service and to all of their helpers. Thanks also to all Dolores's friends for bringing potluck food for everyone to enjoy.Larry EwaldOcean Park  Tracy Shawa pledges hard workHopefully you've heard that I've declared my candidacy for Pacific County treasurer.

Over the past few weeks I've been very busy attending functions, placing signs, and knocking on doors from Surfside to Grayland and all points in between (and I've only been nipped by one dog!). While others have told me door knocking is the hardest part of campaigning I can enthusiastically say that I've enjoyed meeting remarkable people all over this great county. The people have been wonderful and are seriously interested in my intentions for office.

Given the opportunity, I pledge to be a very hard working, engaged public official. I will not take my oath or my prescribed responsibilities lightly and will work diligently with other elected officials and citizens to fulfill the duties of office. I will have regular business hours and an open door policy. I intend to establish office hours from 8 am. to 5 p.m., with a Long Beach office open on a limited weekly basis and in coordination with the auditor's and assessor's offices. The public funds entrusted to me will be safe-guarded and wisely invested. The numerous taxing districts can count on me to pursue each district's entire tax assessment. The citizens of this county depend on these taxes to fund our critical public services. I will not let them down.

If I haven't already knocked on your door I hope to do so in the coming weeks (warn the dogs). Thank you for your consideration and support.

Tracy Shawa

Long Beach

Concerned about spartina's spreadI am very concerned about the rapid growth of spartina in Willapa Bay. After attending several meetings concerning the spread of spartina, I decided to do something about the area in front of my home. For the past three years, I have spent almost two hundred hours either mowing with a string mower, cutting with a brush cutter or digging spartina. Looking at the property on either side of me I have made a difference, but it is an almost overwhelming task. After the last meeting I attended, I talked with Kyle Murphy and Kevin Soule, from the Department of Agriculture, to see if I could receive any assistance from them. Because of my efforts Kevin and Kyle were willing to help me and Todd from the Department of Natural Resources helped also. I am so appreciative of their efforts. I hope everyone realizes what a threat spartina is to Willapa Bay. Diane Abild Ocean Park Classless class of '82 left a messYou would think a group of adults could gather on the beach for a reunion party without littering the area with beer cans and other assorted trash. This was not the case for the Ilwaco class of 1982 on a recent August evening. Perhaps they should have joined the all-class reunion at IHS where trash receptacles were provided or plan to join in the September 21st beach clean-up.John CharltonOcean ParkSupport Bardsley for Wahkiakum sheriffWe would like to encourage all Wahkiakum County voters to vote for Dan Bardsley for Sheriff. We have known Dan for over twenty years, both personally and professionally. Russ has worked with Dan on a number of Friends of Skamokawa musical revues, bringing entertainment to the community. Dan is a devoted cast member, and a pleasure to perform with. Kathy has seen Dan in action on a daily basis as a fellow county employee. Time and again, both of us have seen that Dan is always ready to pitch in where he is needed.Wahkaikum County needs Dan Bardsley as its next Sheriff. As Chief Deputy Sheriff, Dan has always been fair, honest, and willing to listen. Dan's many years of experience in law enforcement give him the knowledge needed to create positive change for the Sheriff's department. He is dedicated to his job, and is ready to serve Wahkiakum as our elected sheriff. We feel Dan is ready to make the changes we all want to see.Over the course of many years service to our community, Dan has developed a reputation as a good police officer, a tough negotiator for all the rights of all, a dedicated family man, and a good friend. This solid track record lets us vote a clear yes for Dan Bardsley for Wahkiakum County Sheriff.Russ and Kathy DurrahCathlametMore support for Dan BardsleyAs the election date draws closer, I would like to take this opportunity to express my support of Dan Bardsley for Sheriff.Dan has been an officer in Wahkiakum County for over 25 years. Through my job and volunteer activities, I have seen Dan respond to many different situations. His confidence and knowledge of the task at hand have always impressed me.As we all know, police work can be dangerous at times. Dan has served this community well. He now finds himself in a position where he can take these years of experience into a leadership role.Take time between now and November 5 to listen to Dan's plan to improve our local law enforcement. I encourage voters of this county to join me in supporting Dan Bardsley for Sheriff.Carol Wegdahl Cathlamet Former county commissioner urges vote for Tracy ShawaThis year's race for county treasurer has the most contenders in recent memory. It seems that quite a few folks aren't real happy with the present county treasurer for one reason or another. There are two other candidates that offer a different choice over the present tired incumbent. A very young man is running on the Republican tickets. It's actually beneficial for our county's Democrat party to have some competition. Fortunately for the Democrats, the Republican candidate lacks, in my judgment, the experience and moxy that's required of a county elected official.Tracy Shawa is the best choice. She'll bring a burst of energy and enthusiasm that the present stale incumbent can't match. Her broad range of relevant business and life experiences makes her very well suited for this position. Customer service and morale in the treasurer's office will be greatly improved under Tracy. But don't let Tracy's smile give you the impression that she's too nice. This young lady has the spirit and determination to get the job done right. Join me in electing Tracy Shawa as our new county treasurer!Skip WilsonLong BeachOperation Shore Patrol coming soonPENINSULA - Operation Shore Patrol, scheduled for the Peninsula the third full weekend in September, is a coordinated effort of several groups and agencies to remove litter and debris from Washington's ocean beaches and dune areas. The goal is also to focus public attention on litter and its environmental impact.The Pacific Northwest 4-Wheel Drive Association started Operation Shore Patrol in 1971 and has maintained a leadership role in the cleanup effort. The Association also promotes community cooperation and support.Many of the supporters of Operation Shore Patrol include schools, scouting groups, service clubs, chambers, merchant's associations, Washington Department of Ecology, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, and interested citizens.State Parks waives standard campsite fees for cleanup participants. Reservations must be made by calling (360) 636-1675. Hook-ups reservations: (888) 226-7688.Morenos are Brady Turner supportersMy wife and I retired to the Long Beach Peninsula 12 years ago and have been involved in local campaigns for school board bonds, county commissioners, school board members and any local government issues that would benefit our Community.We met Brady Turner during his years at Ilwaco Middle School and Ilwaco High School. We have watched him develop into a very responsible young man. His College degree in Business Administration will be a benefit to our community.While I was post commander of the American Legion, Don R. Grable, Post 48, Brady accepted an invitation to attend and represent our Post at Boy's State. On his return he voluntarily reported back to a post meeting and expressed to us his interest in public service. His dedication and enthusiasm, we are sure, will carry over as our next county treasurer. He will have the interest and well being for this county.Al and Ro MorenoLong BeachCongrats on incredible OP salmonOn Aug. 2, our youngest son and his friends needed a ride to Long Beach for the weekend. My mother, who went along for the ride insisted that we stop somewhere and pick up some seafood. Leaving Long Beach, I took the wrong turn and ended up in Ocean Park where I spotted the Ocean Park Crab and Seafood Shop. It turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.It was about 5:30 p.m. and other stores had closed. I rushed in and began quickly picking out small packs of virtually everything they offered. That evening, our family and guest enjoyed the smoked mussels, oysters, salmon and tuna, pickled, and fresh oysters. Everything was very fresh and quite wonderful.I did make one mistake in not buying nearly enough smoked salmon. Having lived in the northwest for 15 years and knowing something about smoked foods from my southern heritage, I can say unequivocally, this was the best. Very moist, lightly seasoned, and smoked ever so smoothly. That wrong turn is the reason I'm likely to return to your area.Fortunately, I paid with a credit card and looked up their phone number. I called the store today and properly chastised the lady who waited on me for letting me get out of there without buying more of that salmon. She was pleased to be duly corrected. And I'm pleased to say that you have a treasure in that little store by the side of the road in your community. I hope others give them a try. They're putting your town on the map.Joe GanemKentLetter of ThanksThanks to those behind the scenes This letter is about some real special Christian folks and they are behind the scenes of His Supper Table. You read about His Supper Table doing such good things, but you also need to know about the ones who do most of the work. These are the volunteers, the cooks and servers, the ones who wash the pots and pans, and those who welcome the eaters.I am writing this for my brothers and sisters to say you are doing a great job, not only for the community but for our Lord and I thank you for being Christians and for making my walk with the Lord a bit easier. For me its such a spiritual up lift to be able to stop and talk to another brother or sister.It's so great to be able to go into a business and meet another Christian. It truly helps me through the week and to know that we are not alone really inspires me. You guys are great testimonies for Jesus in sharing you faith with others. You guys hang in there, keep the faith, because as you work at these jobs you are powerful testimonies of how God works in your lives.People will notice your life style and who knows, you might even help lead someone into God's Kingdom, which is to be ours one day soon. You have a strong faith in God and it shows through each of you.STAN HEWARD Seaview

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