Son recalls his dad with eternal love

    “The loss of the greatest person in my life ...”

    My dad, AKA Jim Robertson, was the greatest person in my life and I couldn’t ask for a better dad than him. He was well recognized on the Peninsula and I can’t name one person that I know of that can say they did not like my dad.

    My dad was more than a dad to me. He was also like my best friend. I could tell him anything and he wouldn’t say another word about it.

    He was also the smartest person I know. He could fix almost everything and if somebody needed help he’d go out of the way for anybody that needed help.

    If people did not know my dad’s name I would tell them he was the guy that stands outside in front of Long Beach Realty and smokes cigarettes.

    I want to be like him when I get older because he was well known, good hearted and very nice. He was my inspiration to go to school every day and wake up every morning, and now that he is in a better place I’ve got to continue to life.

    You may think I am crazy but it feels like my dad is still here, but when I look for him I don’t get the results I want.

    The last thing I have to say is:  I love you and miss you, Dad. You will always be in my heart.

Passed away 05/05/2012

Born 1947

Sincerely your son,

Austin J. Robertson

Fight disgraceful dog fighting

    Pit bulls have no control over what happens to them. They are abused, tortured neglected, trained to fight, and left for dead. Humanity is the evil when it comes to pit bulls. This breed deserves a chance, as any dog can be trained to kill.

    Pit bulls pass the temperament test with flying colors — 83.5 percent. Chihuahuas pass with less than 72 percent. Society worries about a so-called “pit bull problem,” yet in a seven-year study it accounted for only 1.89 percent of total bites. In a study that numbered in order of over 100 different breeds to bite a person, the pit bull was fourth from the bottom. Labradors and cocker spaniels are statistically more likely to bite a person.

    The pit bull’s reputation has been poisoned for too long by ignorance and fear of people who choose to associate them with fighting rather than being a great family dog. Not every pit bull is fortunate enough to be blessed with a human savior. When a pit bull attacks a person, society is convinced that it is their nature to be aggressive and mean. But in reality it is usually the pit bull getting mauled. These dogs need our help, not our hate.

    Even after being beaten nearly to death, a pit bull can still show love. Why can’t we? And could it be — that we are unwilling to face the horrible truth that humanity is willing to take a great family dog and turn it into a vicious and deadly animal through means so inhumane only a human could be capable of committing them. Perhaps we would rather blame a lower-being, such as a dog, than to recognize the disgrace much of humanity has become.

    The pit bull breed is strong, energetic, loving, playful and good with children and most other animals. Pit bulls could be classified as a real “people dogs.” I know because own two pit bulls. Please don’t fight or mistreat your pit bulls. I love all animals, especially dogs, but for me there is only one breed — pit bulls. Open your heart, save a pit bull today.

    “Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man himself will not find peace.”

Edie Ann Martin

Ocean Park

Won’t support shelter any more

    After attending the board meeting of the South Pacific County Humane Society last week, my husband and I have decided to no longer contribute financially to the shelter. It was made very clear by the board to all of us attending the meeting that only the board has a say in all aspects of the operation of the shelter. Paying dues and being a member of SPCHS means nothing. With the arrogance shown by the executive director and secretary of the board, why would anyone want to contribute any money or time to the shelter? If the shelter is having financial problems, why are they paying the new director twice as much as they were paying the shelter manager that was terminated with no explanation of why? We are all very concerned about the animals now that the person who cared the most about them is no longer there.


Long Beach

Preserving Obama care act is vital

    Last Tuesday was a bad day for labor. It will be even worse if the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) that was modeled after Romney Care is repealed.

    The Affordable Care Act will not raise premiums. Health care premiums will go down and coverage will go up. According to the Congressional Budget Office, people will see a drop in their out-of- pocket expenses and more coverage for their money. In some cases, people will receive rebate checks if their insurance companies have spent too much money on services and CEO bonuses not related to providing health care.

    The Affordable Care Act does not cut $500 billion from Medicare. The law increases Medicare coverage by $113 billion over the next 10 years. The $500 billion in savings that the plan generates comes from eliminating excessive subsidies to private insurance companies.    

    Seniors will not be hurt by health care reform. The Affordable Health Care Act closes the doughnut hole completely for prescriptions and provides a 50 percent discount on brand name drugs as well as some preventable care services for free. Not that it should need to be mentioned, but seniors will not have to go to any government approved death panels to obtain approval. There are no government death panels. The plan does not replicate the preexisting condition clauses of private insurance companies.

    The law will not severely burden the Medicaid system. The Affordable Care Act allows tens of millions of uninsured Americans to gain access to health care by 2014 and does so at lower costs.

    Private health care plans will not be outlawed by 2013. There is nothing in the Affordable Health Care Act that forces people to change their insurance or their doctor.

    We need to realize that the reason other industrialized nations have more affordable health care is because health care is viewed as being a right and not a privilege for only those who can afford it. Thinking as a people instead of as a collection of individuals would go a long way in furthering that cause.


Ocean Park

Enforce rules?

    I have a question for those running for county commissioner: why doesn’t Pacific County’s Department of Community Development act on its own rulings?

    For instance, the administrative hearing determination of Sept. 23, 2010, on Case No. DPA 09102334005, regarding the site located at 158 State Route 101 (Chinook), commonly referred to as Mauch’s Sundown RV Park, was for a project to demolish/remove the existing office building and laundry/bath facilities and replace them with a new structure.

    The conditions of approval of that determination included: “6. All garbage/debris located along the stream shall be removed ... A vegetative buffer comprised of shrubbery and trees shall be planted along the section of stream flowing through the park. This vegetative buffer shall average at least ten (10) feet in width on each side and shall be installed prior to the issuance of a final Certificate of Occupancy. ... 8. All requirements of (Board of Health) Ordinance No. 5 shall be adhered to. 9. All unlicensed, immovable and inoperable vehicles, boats, trailers, recreational vehicles and camp trailers shall be removed from this RV Park within 60 days of this decision date. Failure to meet this deadline will result in revocation of all permits and licenses. 10. All solid waste, garbage, junk, debris, old building materials, tires, etc., scattered throughout the RV park shall be cleaned up and properly disposed of within 60 days of this decision date. ... 16. Failure to meet the minimum timelines established in these conditions of approval will result in revocation of the Shorelines Substantial Development Permit, the Critical Areas and Resource Lands Variance, and the Pacific County RV Park License. Action will be taken with the Pacific County Board of Adjustment to revoke the Conditional Use Permit. ...”

    Today, 21 months later, these conditions have not been met, and the Department of Community Development has failed to act on item #16.


Nancy Lloyd


Take control

    If the Long Beach shelter is just barely breaking even with their revenue, why then hire a new director at double the pay that Diana was getting, plus two more people to do just what Diana was doing?

    I have supported the shelter for over five years, mostly with cash donations plus food for the animals, kitty litter, etc., but I did not know that I actually had to pay for a membership. This I am more than willing to do. In return, I want the board to call for a special election for which I will run for along with many other people. We need a new board, we need transparency and not Vetter’s arrogance.

    How about it folks? Shouldn’t we take matters into our own hands and make the necessary changes?

Edie Faylor


Dr. Duret is back!

    What a relief it is to know that Dr. Duret is back to take care of my family! We have gone to him for several years and many health problems and have always been given the very best of care! Even our regular family doctor goes to Dr. Duret for his medical problems, what better references can there be?  His bedside manner is so comforting and his sense of humor helps get us over the rough spots in our care. He is truly a doctor who chose this profession because of his desire to help humanity, not to shine his own light! Thank you, Dr. Duret, for coming back to our little town and for helping to make life healthier and more enjoyable for all of us!  

The Wolf family

South Bend

Herrera no-show?

    I have made several attempts to access the voting record of our congresswoman to no avail. My repeated request for her votes on issues have been ignored to this point. I have used the official website of the Congresswoman to ask for this info.

    At this juncture I feel Ms. Herrera is, to put it mildly, shielding her record and agenda, the only contact has been a meet-up/fundraiser at the home of the president of Americans for Prosperity.

    Aside from a general mailer, sent every few months for the last two years extolling her support for Social Security, a generic emesis of GOP talking points on her websites and a frenetic rush through your Long Beach Observer’s offices to assure us, the voting public, that she was “pressing the flesh,” it’s been dead air for this tea-party candidate!

    In the present political scene, filled with bitter wrangles over the true role of government and bitter discourse about rights and responsibilities of individual citizens to our society, it behooves us to expect honest representation by our Congressperson.

    I hope the press in our area will give the public access to the information we need to make informed choices.

Judy Roth

Ocean Park

Give us a ‘Brake’!

    In a recent Observer edition, guest columnist Gwen Brake addressed an incident that happened in February with regards to Grover Norquist and federal lawmakers. It is nice to know that Mrs. Brake is so enlightened when it comes to federal legislation, because as a local political leader she is lost.

    In the opinion of most, the North Beach Water Commissioners and our district are heading for a maelstrom and it’s easy to see that Mrs. Brake adds to the momentum. Her rudder goes in one direction causing the North Beach Water District to slip further down the drain.

    Now, I do not mean to be critical, as I do not know Mrs. Brake personally but with the recent upheaval at the water district, I decided to attend the last general meeting and I must say I was not impressed. Mrs. Brake tried to make several points, perhaps in her mind they were valid. But then we all noticed that she had to be corrected by the audience with even a simple reference as to how many water hook-ups there are in the district.

    Her most profound (and probably honest) statement of the evening was that the general manager has poor customer service skills and does not know how to manage employees. So why are we paying him $100,000 per year?

    I realized that Manager Neal must have some value but of course you and your fellow commissioners refuse to have discussions with your customers. Maybe you could write about that subject, because that would grab some attention.

    In the interim I took it on myself to complete a search of qualified/certified water district manager candidates and found we could find a quite qualified candidate for less than $70,000 per year, and that person would come with a college degree — not be a high school dropout like Neal.

    Lastly, Mrs. Brake, I have had the pleasure of teaching as well. I taught writing, post-secondary level, to novices and professionals and the best lessons are taught early on: 1) Write to your audience. 2) Write about what moves you. 3) Write from the gut, don’t be artificial or your readers will see right through you.

    Unfortunately, your ability to be a sought after writer is as shortsighted as your dedication to being a commissioner who puts community first. Funny how transparency works in both instances, huh?

Ann Johnson

Klipsan Beach

‘Second’ opinion

     In his recent column, retired Col. Mark Smith takes on the task of interpreting his version of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which is a single-sentence amendment but has two camps with different interpretations as to its real meaning.

    The folks on Smith’s side argue that the second half of the amendment, “...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is the correct interpretation.

    Folks on the other side claim the first half, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state ...” is the proper meaning and not that everybody should be allowed to own a gun.

    Now these people can argue back and forth and never, ever change anyone’s mind, so it’s like spitting in the wind, but I really enjoy reading all the different versions of the real meaning of the second amendment because of the length that some go to make their point. In Smith’s case, he and his fellow Republicans go to ancient English history to make their point, as far back as Alfred the Great, and believe me, that’s a long, long way back. But I love it because it makes me want to know more about history and here’s what I came up with.

    England’s Bill of Rights came into being in 1689 as a result of the earlier reign of King James II, who was Catholic and began arming the English Catholics. Well, the Protestant-dominated Parliament would have none of that, so they ran James II out of the country and started to look around for a replacement and their best choice was William of Orange from the Netherlands. The fact that he wasn’t English was not considered a problem because he had that most important quality — he was Protestant. He was then matched up with Mary who was James II’s daughter, hence was created the house of William and Mary of Orange. Strange but apparently true, as result of all this came the English Bill of Rights.

    One might ask what this has to do with our second Amendment? One of the clauses in their Bill of Rights was that, “Protestants may have arms … as allowed by law,” which might mean that they had some kind of gun control in mind but it certainly meant that no Catholic should be allowed to bear arms, so rights for some but not all. So here we are in the 21st century trying to put our personal spin on 18th century law, whereas all the conditions that existed in 1789 when the Second Amendment was written have changed dramatically.

    State militias no longer exist. Now we have the National Guard that can be called up by a governor in an emergency but can also be used by the federal government if it so chooses. As a matter of fact, by the standards of the founders, as a member of a federal military, Col. Mark Smith might have been considered an enemy of the state.

    See what I mean about “spitting in the wind?”

Les Gernert

Ocean Park

Warren Cowell describes qualifications for Pacific County Commission

    I’m Warren Cowell and I’m running for County Commissioner in District #1, Pacific County. The following is a summary of my qualifications to be your county commissioner.

    A.) I am the only candidate in my district that is a long time employer and local business person.

    What really sets me apart from the other candidates running in my district is my long-term experience as a business owner in this county. I have had to learn how to make tough decisions under pressure and constantly become more efficient in order to survive. You have to be able to adapt as conditions change and think outside the box. I am relentless when it comes to problem solving. This leads to prioritizing skills, and a decision making process you don’t get when managing other people’s money. The money I manage did not come from a faucet that pours eternally from unknown individuals’ pockets. The money I manage comes from my years of hard work, good planning, efficiency, and good decision making.

    B.) I am a life long resident of Pacific County, I understand and appreciate the personality and history of Pacific County.

    I am a shellfish farmer and currently the owner of Willapa Bay Shellfish. I also operate the fish buying dock in Nahcotta. My first real job was working in the family surveying business in the early ‘70s. I got a job at Bendickson’s at age 13 picking oysters in 1977. I was a commercial fisherman. I also owned a bait and tackle store and The Nahcotta Seafood Store. I grew up in Ocean Park and Nahcotta, but now live in Naselle. I love the outdoors, preferring to spend my spare time hunting, fishing, cutting wood and digging fossils here locally. I understand that every little community that makes up our county is different, and has its own personality and needs. I will do my best to address the communities as individuals, and try to avoid whenever possible, a one size fits all approach to governing this county.

    C.) I have a close relationship with, and a deep understanding of, our natural resources and their importance to our economy and our culture.

    Pacific County came to be because of shellfish, timber and salmon. These natural resources brought the first jobs, and the money that could be made brought the people. These and other natural resources, like crab and razor clams, continue to be the economic foundation of county. The abundance of wild animal and plant life, on land and in the sea, go to the core of what makes this such a special place. To live in Pacific County, you have to like water. Our border to the west is the Pacific Ocean. Our border to the south is the mighty Columbia River. The heart of our county is Willapa Bay. These three bodies of water are some of the most impressive on the planet. I have made a living from, fed my family from, spent my spare time enjoying almost all the natural resources of Pacific County.

    D.) I have extensive experience dealing with regulatory government agencies and special interest groups.

    As a shellfish farmer, at any given time at least a dozen government agencies are trying to increase their regulation over us and how we farm. I understand that regulations are a necessary part of preserving our environment. I also understand that we don’t all agree on how much regulation is necessary. Every battle is different. Sometimes we call on our elected representatives in Olympia and Washington, D.C. to deal with the problems. You have to have a working relationship with your elected representatives. Then sometimes you have to make deals and give up a little to keep enough to go on. Then sometimes you have no choice but to fight. It’s the ugly truth of how things work these days. Because this is such a special place, bountiful in beauty and resources, a lot of people not from here want a say in how you and I do everything we do. I will use all my experience and resources to work relentlessly to keep all of us well represented here in Pacific County.

    E.) I have extensive knowledge in land use issues, laws, and ordinances from the county, state and federal government.

    This is probably where the newly elected commissioners will have the longest lasting effect on Pacific County. My nearly life long exposure to land use issues through the family land surveying business has left me with a historic knowledge of how land use was and wasn’t regulated. Surfside is one of the best historic examples here of a lack of regulation, for better or worse. We took a wetland and dug a canal through it, to get fill, to make a high-density community. It was the wild west. Things have swung so far the other way now, that is nearly impossible to do anything anywhere near any water or wetland. There aren’t many places in the inhabited parts of the county that aren’t next to some wetland, creek, or other water feature. These are very complicated issues that hit at the core of land use rights, versus environmental responsibility. In the near future we will also be dealing with Marine Special Planning and the re-addressing of our Shoreline Master Program. I am up to date on all these issues. My background in both development and water born industries gives a unique 360-degree view of these issues. I am the best candidate to promote growth and development in a responsible manner for the future.


Johnson’s Landing

Letters of Thanks

    The Committee to Elect Bill Herman and candidate Herman would like to express a huge thank you to: Brady and Tiffany Turner, owners of the Adrift Hotel; Linda High of the Wave at the Hair Tender; Gina Raitano of G2Spot at the Hair Tender; Amanda Byrd of the Hair Tender; Barry Craft of Dooger’s Seafood and Grill; Richard Morgan owner of the Long Beach Tavern and Captain Morgan’s Steakhouse; Teri Dodson, owner of the Tuscany Cafe; Daniel Kirker, manager of the Rodeway Inn and Suites; Bonnie Danel; Richard Vasquez; Randy Eide; Marilyn Sampsel and Ruby owner and artist extraordinaire of K&B Jewelry Design, all of who donated prizes to the players at the Bill Herman Open.

    Of course the day would not have been possible without the golfers! Thank you so much to: Rich Bennett; Bob Boardman; Mark Bolden; Kyle Breckenridge; Leonard Broy; Greg Chalker; Randy Eide; Christian and Kyle Getz; Duane Hagstrom; Jim Harrison; Craig Hawkinson; Larry Hubbard; Ross Kukula; Rick Larson; Mike Litawa; Ian Norelius; Jim Owens; Frank Palm; Jerry Phillips; Rick Putnam; Jim Raff; Robert ‘Bubba’ Reed; Don and Kenneth Sheldon; Mike Starr; Jeff Stewart; Kevin Thrasher; John Unruh; Richard Vasquez; Patrick Whealdon and Keene Wright. Photos have been posted on Facebook and the vote4billherman website. If anyone would like copies feel free to contact us directly at 642-0595.

Bill Herman

Long Beach

    To all my friends and well-wishers:

    Thank you for all the cards and flowers you have sent. I am home and recovering. God bless.

Debra Hayes

Long Beach

    Ocean Park School recently hosted a tennis training specifically designed to teach the sport to elementary age kids. As an incentive to get tennis skills into the elementary PE curriculum, the U.S. Tennis Association donated a generous amount of equipment to help our school get started. In order to make racquets available to all kids in even our largest classes (33 students), our parent organization, Friends of Ocean Park School (FOOPS), graciously offered to provide the money to buy extra racquets and balls to supplement what was donated. I would personally like to thank them for their continuing support of our community school. Our kids have more learning opportunities as a result of their generosity.

Kip Meinhardt

Health and Fitness Teacher

Ocean Park Elementary School

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