Clam digger offers some suggestions

To cover their own butts and in some rare instances actually protect the public, the Washington Departments of Fisheries and Health have wasted thousands of tons of razor clams on our Peninsula beach over the past few years - clams that locals could be enjoying and would have given a tremendous boost to tourism if wisely utilized.

Marine organism causing paralytic shellfish poisoning, P.S.P., and amnesic shellfish poisoning, A.S.P., and others occur naturally with periodic blooms causing closures to shell fish harvest. These blooms are expected by the agencies but not taken into consideration in the manipulation of clam stocks. Further, NIX, a clam disease that actually kills off a majority of harvestable clam populations, necessitating total yearly closures as was done in the recent past, is also ignored.

Washington Department of Fisheries has had their active policy in planning for years. This isn't planning, it is crisis control. The amazing issue is that they've been allowed to get away with it. Peninsula residents, particularly trade organizations like the Ocean Park Area Chamber of Commerce, sit dumbly by while their tourist business tanks.

No one, including Washington Department of Fisheries, will argue that the clams aren't there. Washington Department of Fisheries will also admit there is no guarantee they'll be there next year.

This policy has got to be forced to change and there are options that could help restore the historic theme of clam digging as the primary recreational feature of this Peninsula for locals and visitors alike.

As a starter, I would like to suggest an idea that I've presented to Washington Department of Fisheries controllers several times and been rejected. It's simple, won't impact the clam stocks negatively, would open the beach tremendously for increased recreation, pay its way, plus bring revenue into a strapped Washington Department of Fisheries.

First, set short regular sessions as in the past with dependability, much as is done in Oregon. Second, create a punch card much like salmon or sturgeon cards that would have ten lines to write in a name and date of use. This card would cost $20. Each name entered would be allowed six clams for that day. No limit on the number of punch cards purchased or to resident requirements. The cards would be valid only during the off-season periods. Sale of cards could be terminated if Washington Department of Fisheries proved stocks were in peril.

This is a proposal to get some thinking started. It may or may not be the solution, but reports on the open clam season in Oregon this spring and its huge economic impact on the North Oregon coast should wake some of you readers up. Had these clams been available through a different regulatory approach, there would be little or no impact by this closure now.

Dick Shelton

Ocean Park

Objection to condo development

I am writing to voice my concern and objection to the application for a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit, Joint Aquatic Permit Review and Planned Unit Development (Case No. JARPA/SSDP/PUD 02-21-06) that is being requested by Mr. Robert Merrill.

The scope of this development far exceeds the acceptable residential density of the existing neighboring community. If authorized, it would create a solid block of asphalt and buildings covering almost five acres of land mass with little remaining open space or green belt allocation. The magnitude of the proposed development would impact the habitat of the entire area, diminish the natural beauty of the land and interfere with the ocean view of upland neighbors. It would create serious traffic congestion, impose severe strains on city services, such as police and fire protection and could cause serious water run off problems that would be detrimental to neighboring land areas. I feel that this proposed development is in no way compatible or beneficial to the surrounding community and is not in accord with the Pacific County Growth Management Act that encourages protection of open spaces and quality of the environment.

I also suggest that the zoning change of this property from S1 to S2 is very suspect. To my knowledge, there was no notification to neighbors that this zoning change was being considered. There was no public hearing held to discuss the rational for this zone change. There is no underlying benefit or need in the community that would justify a spot zoning change of this nature.

I would encourage everyone possible to attend the public hearing on Oct. 17, and express their views regarding this proposed project to our city officials.

Ron Evey

Long Beach

Letters of Thanks

On Saturday, Sept. 28 I needed emergency medical help at my home. My wife called 9-1-1 and in a matter of minutes the Ocean Park medical emergency team arrived. Rodney Harrington assisted by Dan Ordway immediately stabilized my condition as back-up emergency personnel arrived. I was promptly rushed to the Ocean Beach Hospital where Dr. Bell and his emergency staff were awaiting my arrival. I remained in the hospital overnight for on-going observation.

I wish to thank the emergency medical team and all those who cared for me in the Ocean Beach Hospital. It is reassuring to know we have such outstanding medical care available on the Peninsula.

Ken Butcher

Ocean Park

"The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms ..." Deut. 33:27a.

The family of David Oatfield wishes to express their deep gratitude for all the prayers, love and kind words of encouragement in the "going home" of our beloved husband, father, grandpa and brother. You have been and are a part of those 'everlasting arms' supporting us.

Thank you to all who provided food, memorials donations, flowers and plants. It made for a beautiful display at the mortuary as well as the church.

To all who helped with the reception, parking and clean up, you absolutely outdid yourself.

We are eternally grateful and you are in our prayers. God's richest and best to each one.

Donna Oatfield, Joe and Jami Doupe and family, Tom and Tami Rehanek and family, Steve and Jill Samuelson

and family, Larry and Kathy Oatfield and family,

Ray and Jan Oatfield and family, Richard and Flo Oatfield and family

Residents and staff at Ocean View Convalescent Center wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to the Beach Barons Auto Club for once again putting on a wonderful auto show, and for providing all supplies and volunteers for an ice cream social, as well as personal framed pictures as momentos for our residents.

We love you, Beach Barons.

Residents and Staff

Ocean View Convalescent Center

Support Brady Turner for treasurer

As this election for Pacific county treasurer gets closer to its closure, we see an ever present and obvious run to outdo a small opponent. A great man once said, "Don't make it a vote for politics. Make it a vote of your conscience." He is our president now that rules this great country.

We both are having a hard time with this race. We have read the letters that have been written. The expensive ads written in the paper. The columns of people voting for the primary were interesting and yet it was just that, a primary vote. The next election will be a vote that you will have to make and remember; it is the vote that you give that will effect all of us. The fact that Brady Turner has chosen to run as a Republican because of his morals may hurt him. Is it fair? No. God knows he's not a rich man. He's an every day hard working individual as you and we are. He has morals, he has drive, and his character is impressive. His work ethic stands for itself.

When Brady moved here his sixth grade year my husband chose him to play on his basketball team without knowing him at all. He took us to a perfect 10-0 season and we won the league that year. We are urging you to look into this election more than what you see at face value. More than the small ad verses the big ad. More than who someone got to endorse them. Check the facts. Check his record. Check his work ethic and his stamina. Give Brady Turner your vote.

Warren and Laurie Hazen


Shawa proves herself in primary

Many of Brady Turner's supporters have written in to say how brave he is to have taken on not one, but two Democrats in the race for Pacific County treasurer. While I am glad to see Republican candidates on the ballot, as it does offer the voters a choice and that is what our democracy is all about, hopefully they'll do it more often in the future so they can figure out what a primary election is all about!

The Democrats felt so good about their chances that they themselves knocked out one of Brady's opponents to give him an even playing field. And, however nice a person his supporters think of Mr. Turner, and I do believe that he is, I still think the odds are in our favor in having Tracy Shawa as our candidate in the November election.

It is a simple case of substance over style; demonstrated competence over undoubted potential; a willingness to slog it out door to door all the county to make yourself known, rather than depending on Mom and apple pie. In summary, Tracy Shawa took on a well-liked long time incumbent and made a sufficient case to the voters in the primary that she should replace him. I think Mr. Turner has yet to make his case that his capabilities and experience for this job exceed Tracy Shawa's - our next Pacific County treasurer.

Michael J. Spencer


Leave signs alone, says resident

It's a crying shame how the big cities affect our small community - people come into our area from the big cities and right away notice our way of advertising (the nicely painted signs on 103, etc.) that show different places to sleep, eat, shop, and so forth and they decide to make a stink about the signs.

Boy, how one or two rotten apples spoil the box, the same way with God! Because someone doesn't agree with the Pledge of Allegiance - "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" - we who do believe in God are not supposed to speak about God in schools, etc., because we might offend someone who doesn't believe. I say, so what! They don't have to listen, but don't take our freedom of speech away because of a few.

I say stand up for our rights! If anyone doesn't like the good old U.S. of A., and for what America was founded, which includes God, billboards and English, go back where you came from and good riddance. I say leave the signs up ... I speak for myself.

Shirley McKenzie Perry

Long Beach

Shawa appreciates primary support

To my supporters, contributors and all the people across Pacific County who assisted me in winning the primary election for county treasurer, I give my sincere thanks.

This victory is due to the hard work of my supporters and the reams of advice from our county's political sages.

However I realize that I'm only half way through the race and am hopeful that you'll help see me through the second leg of what is beginning to feel like a marathon. During the ensuing weeks I will once again be out and about in the far corners of this county seeking your support. If you'd like me to meet with you when I'm in your neighborhood or care to have one of my signs on your property please give me a call.

This has been a great experience and I've enjoyed meeting the wonderful people of Pacific County. Again, thanks so very much for helping me make it into the general election on Nov. 5.

Tracy Shawa

Long Beach

Was there a West Nile misconception?

I read Tony Stoutenburg's letter on assertions in the Sept. 11 issue of the Observer. He mentioned an item on page A6 referring to West Nile virus, where he derived a three-year time scale for the virus to reach the coast. I had to go back and read my comments; there was no such time scale established. The idea is, of course, that between now and the Corps of Discovery celebration there will be plenty of opportunity for the virus to become established in such an area as Beard's Hollow swamp. The virus has been reported to be in Denver and Los Angeles, not that far a leap to the north coast.

I wonder if Mr. Stoutenburg read the other items he cites quite so loosely. Maybe he spends too much time hiking the woods around Naselle.

Jim McCoy

Timonium, Maryland

County tax delinquencies seem unfair

The Oct. 2 Chinook Observer carried a list of tax delinquencies, largely located on the south end of the county. Several items caught my eye which on the surface appear to constitute an inequitable practice on the part of the county.

It seems apparent that a processing fee of $110 is added to each account regardless of the amount owed. One landowner owes $21,138.60 back taxes plus interest and is charged the $110. The same charge holds true for one Clarissa Lodge who owes 43 cents taxes and interest. To me that is a fairly gross inequity and should be addressed. I'm sure that present law allows such an inequity but on the face of it the law should then be changed. Perhaps a sliding scale is in order, it certainly would be fairer.

I acknowledge that my interpretation may be off but it would be helpful if the county treasurer would explain the present situation as the practice and law applies to us all.

Rodney Williams

Long Beach

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