I congratulate Sen. Brian Hatfield, Rep. Dean Takko and Rep. Brian Blake for their public stand on this present Initiative 594.

They have mutually addressed the shortcomings of the issue quite clearly.

However, I would like to add that this initiative is a direct attack upon our 2nd Amendment Rights as well — and is therefore illegal.

The major sponsors of this initiative are “far-left liberals” from the Seattle/Tacoma area who have spent millions hoping the public will buy into their scheme and vote it into law — which will be legally challenged if passed.

They state that they want “Reasonable changes which would enhance safety, and minimize crime” — blah, blah, blah, samo, samo! It will do neither. Criminals do not obey laws, and they would not obey this one if passed.

This attempt by the “left” will merely erode our 2nd Amendment rights by creating a illegal gun registry whereby the government will know where the guns are.

If this nefarious bunch of sponsors thought they could get away with banning all firearms, they would do it. However, their tactics are to go “Incrementally” — a little bit more as time passes until they reach their goal of total disarmament.

The 2nd Amendment was placed into our Bill of Rights as the protector of all of our other rights. Without a strong 2nd Amendment, all of our other rights become instant privileges!

Historically, government confiscation of firearms follows. In every case, it is the government who becomes all-powerful, and the ability of the people to resist is destroyed. At that point, our republic is destroyed and our country becomes just another third-world dung heap ruled by some “tin pot” dictator.

The Golden rule of history is, “He who has the weapons makes the rules.” It has happened in other parts of the world, and it has happened already in some parts of the U.S. That is what the sponsors of this legislation want, regardless of what propaganda they try to sell the public.

This is a direct attack upon our 2nd Amendment Rights — ”which shall not be infringed.”

If you believe in our republic, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights, you must vote against this illegal attempt to destroy our freedom.

Send these “Liberal/Socialist/Progressive/Marxists” a strong message — Vote no on I-594!



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