I’m glad that the woman looking for a better view got off that cliff she was trying to climb by herself OK. However, in order for that to happen she needed the assistance of a well-trained and manned rescue crew. Also, three other agencies in the county, police, park rangers, and county fire district personnel were on site to help if needed.

I’m just wondering what this ended up costing the taxpayers in this county in time and equipment. Now Doug Knutzen’s crew are all professional volunteers and have had to do these sort of rescues many times before and they come cheap. Their lives, however, are not. They put themselves in harm’s way every time they are called on to do this sort of thing, as does the Coast Guard. The picture you see of her walking away with her friend and dog could have been very different. How about her being loaded up into an ambulance on a covered up gurney and not needing a transport to the local hospital. And all this costly fuss so she could get a better view.

If she had been aware of the best view around above Cape D Lighthouse with an existing paved trail to it then none of this should have happened. This trail has already been paid for by the taxpayers. To you summer visitors out there who come here to play and enjoy all the recreational opportunities that are available to you, please ask around if you don’t know and take advantage of all the literature and other info so you can be well informed before traipsing off by yourself to get a better view.

Don’t become a tragic statistic that we who live here will read about in the paper as we have often had to do. A poor decision can lead to permanent darkness.



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