The president of the United States has broad authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act regarding vetting and processing of persons attempting entry into the U.S.

I propose that the President expand Presidential Proclamation 9645, which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled was a lawful exercise of the president’s authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act, to include a vetting and processing procedures for persons seeking asylum. People who are either captured illegally crossing into the U.S. or legally entering through a designated port of entry, who declare that they are seeking asylum in the U.S., should be registered, processed and issued a temporary entry visa which will allow them to stay until a hearing can be scheduled.

Issuance of a temporary asylum visa should involve:

• Preliminary vetting, along with a process of fingerprinting, DNA sampling and background-information gathering.

• Issuance of a personal identification number and identification card. The ID card would be the asylum seeker’s identity card and temporary entry visa, and would have to be carried at all times. It would allow the asylum seeker to seek employment. If and when an asylum seeker was granted permanent residence, the ID number would be changed to a Social Security number.

• Twenty regional centers would be designated as asylum seekers' processing court locations. Sanctuary cities – such as Seattle, Portland and San Francisco — would be selected by asylum seekers to serve as a base of residency.

• The asylum seeker would be given a bus ticket to the processing court location of their choice. Upon arrival at the chosen location, the asylum seeker would be processed into the community, given $250, a list of shelters, NGO locations and other state and local assistance programs, and be released. They would be limited to traveling no further than 200 miles from the designated city.

• Six-month check-ins would be required. Failure to do so or follow other laws would subject the applicant to deportation.

Everything in this proposed plan has been done before. President Obama used the U.S. State Department's Refugee Admissions Program to relocate over 100,000 Somalia refugees utilizing a program that has been in existence since President Carter signed the Refugee Act of 1980. Under this program the president has the authority to set an annual ceiling on the total number of refugees admitted as well as to determine which nationalities and where they are to be relocated.


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