A writer to the Observer (Aug. 28) said she had not seen any letters supporting Mr. Robert Brake’s opinions regarding how he felt about current affairs in America’s government, in particular regard to the president’s behavior as president and handling of immigrants. She must have missed my letter supporting Mr. Brake’s right to freedom of speech in my letter published in the Observer on July 31.

Here are the salient points: “Several recent letters to the editor (July 10th and 24th) expressed intolerance of the opinions of Robert Brake .… Two letters criticized Robert Brake for what he said about his perceptions on the president’s misbehaviors. The writers would deny Mr. Brake of his right to express that he felt the president was mishandling the country’s affairs. This country’s Constitution allows its citizens to ask their government to change its behavior when it is perceived by the people to be necessary. The writers demonstrated intolerance for his difference of opinion by saying Mr. Brake should leave the country if he didn’t agree with the president. This is wrong. All opinions are welcomed in our country. Mr. Brake, for those of us who know him, know that he is extremely intelligent, sensitive and caring of our society and its well-being. His opinions should be received without personal attacks on him, saying 'he should leave the country if he disagrees with the president.' This country was founded on principles of freedom of the press and it allows all its citizens freedom of expression without fear of censorship or recrimination.”

I still believe our country is big enough for those who agree and those who disagree on all subjects, including what is right or what is wrong about our country and its leaders. Let’s let our better angels help us respond to those who disagree with our opinions, and let us all agree to disagree as we support freedom of expression for others. Let no voice go unheard. Thank you. 

And, under no circumstances will I leave the Peninsula or the country that I love.


Ocean Park

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