This is in reply to Scot Calhoun, who apparently was quite impressed with my letter to the editor several weeks ago. What an honor to have my woefully inadequate, lacking-in-intelligence missive read, and reviewed, by such an intellectual giant!

I find it amusing that a man of such self-proclaimed, superior intellect missed the entire point of my letter and resorts to derision, insults, and attempted humiliation in the public sphere. Why this man even purports to know what my television and internet viewing habits are! Have you been spying on me Scot?

Now seriously, did you not absorb the point of my letter that certain factions in our government are purposely dividing our citizens and creating fear and chaos in order to distract and gain further control? That we should unite in order to fight for and keep our individual God-given rights guaranteed under our Constitution? That we should vet political candidates and existing positions in government and attempt to determine who stands for our rights, in contrast to those who serve corporate interests and empowers them to control our political system? Did that go right over your head or do you not believe in preserving individual freedoms and our constitutional rights?

The fact that 64 Democrats and no Republicans sponsored and supported HR 6666 is not my partisan fantasy — it is a fact. If it were the reverse, I would have stated that as well.

My concern is that it is the beginning of taking away out personal rights and freedoms, no matter who sponsored it.

Instead, you accuse me of partisan politics. I believe that your remarks about the White House occupants, the Republicans, Hannity and Breitbart blatantly expose your partisan politics.

You also accuse me of not realizing the benefits of contract tracing. Have you read any scientific journals or tech articles lately? Have you listened to Bill Gates speeches, interviews and articles where he lays out exactly what technologies he is financing and hopes to put into play? Contact tracing and testing is just the beginning of a windfall of billions of dollars for Bill Gates. He has investments in every aspect of this pandemic, including vaccine creation which should not be called vaccines, but biologics. Did you know they will be injected with all of your medical and even financial information on them as “tattoos?” You can be traced and tracked and these biologies can even be accessed remotely and communicate back and forth. This is the vision that Bill Gates has for us.

Were you aware that our government was funding gain of function studies in Wuhan? That one of our Harvard scientists specializing in nanotechnology, along with two Chinese nationals also working there were arrested this year? That we are funding gain of function studies in India as well?

Were you aware in 2003 the CDC and NIAD patented covid testing kits and made them unavailable to the public and in 2007 patented the virus against 35 US Code Sec 101?

Are you aware of the simulation of a very similar coronavirus pandemic in October 2019 with our CDC, the Chinese version of our CDC, Bill Gates, CNN, and many others present and participating? Why is our Congress allowing this?

May I suggest you do some research before you attempt to ridicule, discredit and silence someone in the public square, which is a common tactic used by Marxists. There is one thing I agree with you on. Our educational system does need to be revamped because it is turning out way too many Marxist leaning students.

One last comment, Scot. Even though you have projected such an air of intellectual superiority, you apparently never learned it is rude and insensitive to denigrate those who you perceive are not as intelligent as you imagine yourself to be.

Enjoy your version of reality.


Long Beach

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