Although this summer has been a busy one, I still have taken note of opinions published the last few months. The main one that comes to mind is the Brexit brawl, with the characters in place — Mr. Brake and "the ladies," temporarily culminating in a “Brexit” letter on Sept. 7.

It is not that I disagree it is a "pointless brawl" — in fact I think it goes to the heart of the matter. It is not that I find the author’s letter (and prior ones) condescending in nature. It is not even that I find such communication worthy of a self-appointed Peace Prize. It’s still about one group of people looking inward, and the other looking outward. It’s still about one group pushing their ideals and the other group resisting. It’s still about one group always pushing "change" and the other group having to continually "move aside" for it. It’s about one group happy with our way of life, and the other finds nothing but wrong in it.

You know, there isn’t hardly a day that goes by I don’t pause, glance around and say to myself, “Man, I am lucky to be living in America” with the freedom to do or not do, and make mistakes or not. I could’ve been born anywhere in history, under suppression and domination rampant in human history. I feel it’s actually a miracle America was created out of all that. The best I can do to pay it back is not take it for granted.

That’s why I came to the conclusion the most important issue is homeland security, as America’s miracle will always be under attack by those who dominate. Just as our founders wrote (paraphrased) that we always have to be vigilant in protecting our democracy, I think they’d be surprised to see today just how overwhelmingly right they were.

Homeland security is both a physical one (military, etc.) and economic. You could control people physically, or control their gold (the golden rule — he who controls the gold rules).

I made the statement in a past letter that Democrats are incapable of conducting the business of our country, as their answer to homeland security is to defund the military and deal with America’s future only with diplomacy, not to mention always add overhead, never reduce. This is the real world, people, and diplomacy doesn’t work unless you have something to back it up. Countries like China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, are getting stronger and stronger as time goes on, and they all want a piece of us. It’s hard enough to deal with that and have our liberal friends continue to look inward at the same time, i.e., defund military, raise taxes, over-regulate and generally stunt economic prosperity.

In other words, I’d rather do without something like socialized health care if it means putting Democrats in authority and losing our freedom and strength. They will tell you that you can have it both ways. Hah! Ever hear of something too good to be true, usually it is? I submit we’re still strong not because of them, but in spite of them and their ideals. The proof?? Tell me what Democrats have contributed in any way to strength and prosperity of our nation instead of always to use what’s there or drain it.

I feel there are two main reasons Trump was elected — the first being business. The electorate (including myself) wanted to see what a successful businessman could do in the White House instead of a politician. The country was going in a bad direction business-wise and the things Trump is doing now are what we wanted to see, for example reign in free trade and predatory trade practices hurting our economy and fix the corporate tax issue causing corporations to move overseas. We were (and are) beginning to feel these tasks impossible for politicians anymore, and our country’s economy and resulting security was at stake.

The second main reason is personal. It’s the liberal complaining, finger-pointing and censorship of political correctness that gets in our personal lives. It’s the chokehold they have on our media, school systems, and other areas. It seems anyone has a right to complain about even the most innocuous things. They don’t realize the paradoxical effect this has. For every complaint, someone else has to "move aside." For every action, there is an opposite reaction. But they don’t care. I submit it is they who divided the country, and the ones who voted for Trump are the ones who felt pushed aside, and then made their voices heard. But liberals don’t care, and for every time they rant now they already have their answer from us because we’re tired of it.

Democrats do not have a consistent platform. It’s all about creating emergencies and issues to collect votes from unsuspecting people. Let me give you a great example: Immigration. In his second term President Bush proposed one-time amnesty for the 9 or 10 million illegal immigrants, but the Democrats were controlling Congress at the time, and wouldn’t have it. Why? To simply not cooperate with a Republican (albeit moderate) president. I again submit it is Democrats (liberals) who are playing politics with people’s lives, as now it is some sort of emergency once again. Being we couldn’t work with them, we took a direction (Trump) to get something done about it. And it is.

Our liberal friends are the ones who completely missed the bus on this one, don’t go blaming Trump for moving forward. We elected him to fix the problem. Democrats had their chance and blew it. Now they are pointing fingers again, calling us nationalists. Sorry guys, your hypocrisy doesn’t fool me anymore. The issue is only about documentation, that’s it. We like immigrants just fine, but we insist on controlling our borders. I’m also tired of hearing about illegal drugs smuggled into our country. I just want it fixed. And we’re taking actual steps now towards such.

In closing, with the above explanations, I think Mr. Brake (and others like him) have to do a little better convincing me they’re patriots.



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