First of all, Mr. Brake, I am offering an apology for not spelling your name correctly and will make sure that does not happen again. But that is the only apology.

Your last, but certainly not the only, letter to the editor questions why there are those who suggest that you move to another country. It is demonstrated by your disapproval of America and Americans. It seems to me that if you are not happy in any given situation it would be better to leave it.

I don't know what type of people that you associate with, but the Americans that I associate with love God, our country and each other. Perhaps you are hanging out in the wrong crowd. And, by the way, I have yet to read an editorial that supports what you are writing.

Your stand on immigrants could not be more wrong. At least you had the decency to not call them legal. The legal immigrants referred to by our Statue of Liberty came here for the opportunity to have a better life, not to be an entitled burden on the country they wish to enter. They came here because this country offered them a way to achieve their goals and desires, not a guaranteed handout. To choose to enter this country in order to take all they can get from hard-working Americans is indeed a calloused endeavor.

If you choose to remain in America, I hope you are not doing so on my tax dollar.


Long Beach

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