In response to Ciminello who attacked Congresswoman Herrera Beutler: typical liberal lies trying to get votes for her opponent. Now on to Les Gernert who blames Trump for the current great economy: the only correct statement he made was that most members of Congress are now millionaires. I might add that most of them were not millionaires before they became members of congress.

But let’s also consider these facts about his claims regarding unemployment. Under Obama there were 3.4 million jobs lost in his eight years. Currently under Trump we are seeing the lowest unemployment rate in over 88 years, according to the GOA and There are currently 6.3 million job openings, according to Forbes and WorkNation, but companies are finding it hard to match workers with the skills needed. Our nation’s schools are not offering the training or education needed to fill these jobs. Many millennials are unwilling to move to where the jobs are. For example, in Wisconsin there are over 6,700 jobs that are offering more than $20 per hour to start, but still go unfilled. In West Texas, oil companies cannot find enough truck drivers to haul the oil to refineries; truck drivers there can earn up to $100,000 per year.

A New York Times article blamed the jobs problem on the opioid crisis and blames Congress for not dealing with the border problems, even going as far as saying Trump is trying to stop the flow of drugs but the Democrats will not support his efforts. They also say students are wasting time in colleges, not learning needed skillsets to be able to get hired. The Times also wrote that thousands of young people refuse to work, and are instead exploiting the Social Security disability fund. Thousands of young women are having children and are exploiting the welfare system. They also describe the resistance of teenagers to work during summertime, even though many companies doubled the wages for summer jobs. USA Today reported this week there are over 100,000 truck driving jobs available but companies cannot fill the jobs — average pay $65,000.


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