"Enough already"!!!

If frequent Observer contributor Mr. Joe Paliani and his local socialist buddies are not happy living here under the under the protection of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, I suggest that all of you seek a happier place. It sounds like places like Russia, China or Norway might conform to your socialist/commie dreams. Their governments share your socio-political ideas of how life on this earth should be. Canada is not too far away and their government generally shares your socialist thoughts.

Fortunately, our Bill of Rights allows our citizens the freedom of speech under the First Amendment. The Second Amendment protects the First, and all of our other rights. Our Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment into our Bill of Rights to protect us from a tyrannical government. Not only is our Second Amendment under attack from present-day Democrat/socialists, but our First Amendment as well. Just look at what many of the colleges are attempting to repress if any free speech is not aligned with present their liberal agendas.

Socialist/leftists know that to succeed with their illegal plans in our U.S. you must first disarm the citizenry and control our military. If you can destroy our Second Amendment, all of our other rights become only privileges. Every Democrat candidate has vehemently pledged to erode or destroy our Second Amendment. I believe them. They are openly stating that they would knowingly and willfully commit a civil rights violation to accomplish it under the guise of "Safety and security." Benjamin Franklin said, "If you give up liberty for security, you will have neither." All of this falls within Saul Alinsky's book entitled "Rules for Radicals." Citizen disarmament is one of the main tactics proposed to accomplish socialist/commie goals. One of Mr. Paliani's socialist soulmates has refuted this in the past, but it is in fact one of the essential objectives to achieve success. One of the golden rules of history is "He who has the weapons makes the rules." The socialist/leftists know this.

That is why they want to disarm us — sooner, or later.

Mr. Paliani's apparent wish is for a "new government" of a socialist/communist type, which would ultimately destroy our constitutional republic. His tactics regarding the reduction of firearms ownership into the hands of the government would place them in the possession of a leftist government and its controlled left-wing military. This is classic Democrat/socialist "incrementalism" — a little bit at a time. It is also known as "Cooking a frog."

Frogs are smart. If they are put in a pan of hot water they will jump out quickly. However, if Mr. Frog is placed into a pan of cool water and the temperature is raised one degree at a time, he will be cooked before he knows it. That is what the present Dem/socialists are attempting to do. This is what will happen to our citizens if this bunch is allowed to take power.



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