I am disturbed over an article in the Sept. 30 edition, stating about a crackdown coming on our local businesses. This came from a visiting epidemiologist. This person is not a medical doctor, but has studied causes of disease outbreaks. This person claims to have come to this area to buy property. This excuse is hard to believe. I can’t understand why a person planning to live or invest in an area would try to destroy the economy. It is easier to believe that the intent was to spy.

This person said he would not be returning to visit local businesses and restaurants and I am happy about that. He should, instead, spy on the protesters and report if they are wearing masks.

The businesses in this area are mostly privately owned and have been serving our community for a long time. They know their customers and respect them. According to the mandate, those under the age of two years and have a medical reason preventing them from wearing a mask are exempt. The local businesses are aware of customers who may have cardio-respiratory challenges. This person who invaded our community had no medical authority to determine that every person not wearing a mask did not have such a challenge.

The businesses on this peninsula have suffered enough through the summer and should be allowed to open the doors to every consumer and all consumers have the right to purchase goods and services. Elected officials have no medical or legal authority "crack down" on any business or consumer. We are not breaking a law.

Whether to wear a mask should be a decision of each person and or their primary care physician. The mask approach should respond to reason. It makes no sense to wear a mask in a restaurant. How does this person think a person should get food through a mask? Mandating that a mask be worn from the door to the table is insane. The virus is transferred more through close contact while speaking, such as sharing a meal with someone, not from merely walking by them.

Let us all act from reason and not fear.


Long Beach

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