I would like to address Biden voters:

1) Parents across the nation have been increasingly critical of their school boards for not educating their kids and indoctrinating them in Marxist ideology instead. Biden's Department of Justice recently announced that they are designating these parents as "domestic terrorists," will send out the FBI to silence them, and will prosecute them under the Patriot Act, even though they have not broken any law. However, the same DOJ refuses to label Black Lives Matter, Inc. and Antifa as domestic terrorists. Do you approve of this?

2) So far this calendar year, almost 2 million illegal aliens have crossed our wide open southern border to enjoy the numerous benefits your tax dollars have to offer. Virtually all are unvetted. The drug, sex and child traffickers sneak across while our brave border patrol agents are busy processing those who fraudulently claim asylum. For the last 20 months Americans have been browbeaten over covid, yet the illegals are not required to wear masks, be tested or be vaccinated. Of those who volunteer to be tested, 20% are positive. Regardless, they are bused or flown into neighborhoods throughout the USA, where they live without covid restrictions. Some governors have refused to receive these illegals, yet Gov. Jay Inslee, unconcerned for Washingtonians' health and safety, is welcoming them. Did you vote for this?

3) According to foreign ministers in numerous countries in South and Central America, 80,000 (mostly) Haitian nationals are currently making their way up from Chile and Brazil where they have enjoyed refugee status for years. (Between 15,000 and 18,000 Haitians entered the USA in September alone.) The Biden administration was advised of these caravans months ago. And then there are those from countries all over the world who fly into Mexico and walk across our border, unvetted for terrorist ties or covid. With the blessings of the Biden administration, the United Nations is currently stationed at our border to assist illegals to get into our country. Is this OK with you?



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