Open letter to Jim Joyce (see letter published Feb.6):

You also have the right to voice your opinion, and you did. And not much else. Certainly, you didn’t offer any facts that might back up your opinion. Saying someone is “...rendering criminal assistance to these illegals” is a pretty strong accusation to make publicly, especially when you don’t back it up.

You also make uncorroborated generalizations such as “Besides being here illegally, they bring many collateral problems with them...” OK. Like what? Before they were ICE’d away, we had wonderful Latino neighbors for 13 years, during which time they worked, raised kids, had BBQs and pursued the American dream. That is a fact, based on personal experience. You didn’t offer any facts to make me believe they bring “many collateral problems...”

“Democrats want them to stay in our country in hopes that they will eventually vote for Democrats.” Another assumption and sweeping generalization. None of my Democrat friends have said that. It’s false.

Then there is the implication “cheap labor. At the end of the day represent trouble that we don’t need.” Those I know come home tired, eat dinner, help their kids with homework and go to bed. You provide no proof of your opinion, and you are wrong.

Now for my favorite part. “We American citizens already have enough trouble of our own. We don’t need to import it.” Actually, I bet chief Chief Comcomly said this to Capt. William Clark in 1805.

No, this is actually my favorite part, and a challenge for you Mr. Joyce. Please explain to me what you mean when you say we need to “...safeguard our historic identity and security for the present and future.” Our “historic identity”? The phrase to me conjures an image of the Statue of Liberty. What do you think it means?

Your cry of “Cold Civil War” is nonsense. Sounds kind of like maybe you want one. Your entire rant looks like something on FaceBook and there are FB groups that entertain your thinking. I’ve seen those groups. People say just what you are saying, offering no proof, just hyped up paranoia over a manufactured border crisis and this insane perception that all Democrats want an open border and complete Socialism. Of course there are extreme members in both parties, but the rest of us in between get along just fine working through our differences, with one goal in mind — to improve our lives and the future for our family. Unfortunately, we seem to have the extreme from one of the parties in a position of power and it is being used to pad the pockets of the wealthy (Proof: Tax cut) and sow the seeds of discord (Proof: You). Before you decry that someone needs to be “placed upon a criminal watch list” for being humanitarian (Fact: Sandy Nielsen is a very humanitarian person.), you might check and see who is really on a criminal watch list. And they aren’t doing anything humanitarian (Proof: Separating children at the border and sending them to a Christian adoption agency for profit.)

And that’s my opinion.


Ocean Park

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