This narrative is in response to the letter submitted by Sandy Nielson of "Pacific County Immigrant Support." It was printed on Jan. 30 in the Chinook Observer and was entitled, "Local immigrant family faces dire situation."

This woman has the right to voice her displeasure concerning the legal and necessary efforts of our ICE units to identify and arrest any illegal aliens within our borders. However, she and her organization appear to be knowingly attempting to violate the law by rendering criminal assistance to these illegals. Doing so is a crime. Employers, schools, churches, or anyone else who knowingly assists illegals are subject to arrest — and should be. Besides being here illegally, they bring many collateral problems with them which we the citizen/taxpayer are burdened with. Being illegals, they have no rights granted to U.S. Citizens.

I know the Democrats want them in our country in hopes that they will eventually vote for Democrats. Some of the Republicans want them for "cheap labor," which ultimately isn't valid. At the end of the day, they represent trouble that we don't need. We American citizens already have enough trouble of our own. We don't need to import it. Our country is presently engaged in a "Cold Civil War," which is heating up every day. It has been created by the present "mob" of creatures who have hijacked their own Democratic Party. Part of the agenda of this wacko left-wing element of their party supports "open borders," which will cause ultimate calamity for our country if allowed. Without effective borders we have no country. That is one reason we must have a "wall/barrier" on our southern border, which will minimize much of the present illegal alien issues. This issue is beyond partizan politics. We need our borders secured so as to safeguard our historic identity and security for the present and future. We must contact our political representatives and tell them to support border security, which includes the timely completion of the southern "wall/barrier."

And Sandy Nielson and her organization should be placed upon a criminal watch list.



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