This is in response to Scot Calhoun’s letter, in which he quoted an article in Pyschology Today, opening with this statement: “Science has shown the conservative brain has an exaggerated fear response when faced with stimuli that may be perceived as threatening.”

No legitimate research study confirmed “an exaggerated” response. That’s an opinion. A “stronger” or “heightened” response would reflect a clinical reference. The statement that Scot quoted is science fiction, and its source is a neuroscientist, Bobby Azarian, who writes about research and then draws conclusions from research that do not always match those of the original researchers.

On the basis of this article, Scot now finds himself competent to analyze the mental processes of fellow correspondent, Bob Bonney. No degree in psychology is necessary, all you have to do is quote an article from Psychology Today, and you, too, can become an instant expert.

What really bothers me about Scot’s letter is that he then proceeds, at length, to challenge Mr. Bonney on Bonney’s past “erroneous” observations about President Obama, by offering us some erroneous statements about President Trump.

For example: According to Scot: Trump “...has gone bankrupt six times.” Not true. Various Trump enterprises have declared bankruptcy. As did enterprises owned by: Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Milton Hershey and H.J. Heinz. Mr. Trump has never gone bankrupt. There is a huge difference, if truth is our goal.

Scot says Mr. Trump is “A man who stated that he just grabs women because he can’t help himself and they let him because he’s famous.” Really? That never happened. Bragging that you “could” do something is a world away from stating that you “did” or “would” do something. That distinction is important, if truth is our goal.

Scot says no U.S. banks will loan money to Mr. Trump. This is an oft-repeated comment, which has no basis in fact. It’s “fake news.” Constant repetition doesn’t make it factual.

Scot’s anti-Trump statements in his letter are, generally, exaggerated hyperbole. He does the same thing to Trump that he accuses Mr. Bonney of doing to Obama.

If his characterizations of Mr. Bonney’s views are accurate, it is still “ ...the pot calling the kettle black.”

I suspect that Mr. Calhoun’s opinions: “...force him to ignore the reality he sees in favor of the one he imagines.” And, yes, that’s the same charge Scot leveled against Mr. Bonney.

There is no point in having a discussion, if we cannot stick to the facts. There are good grounds for disapproving of the behavior of Donald Trump, without compromising the truth. I wish Scot would have taken the high road.


Ocean Park

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