I am writing the Chinook Observer ‘Letters to the Editor’ format in hopes of getting a response from Pacific County Sheriff Robin Souvenir.

Sheriff Souvenir has stated publicly in community meetings his commitment to respond to the concerns of county residents in a timely fashion, in part to reach his goal of a 90% approval rating.

I have tried several conventional methods such as mailing a letter in April (after he had acclimated to his new position) and at least one email in May to solicit help from the sheriff. Both platforms were recommended by Sheriff Souvenir as a means of contact with any questions or concerns. Sheriff Souvenir was reminded of my letters in early July by a PCSO volunteer and still has not responded to me.

These are not just my concerns but several of my neighbors as well. Our concerns pertain to the dangerous traffic in and around 227th and U street in Ocean Park. Regularly people run the stop sign on U street, often skidding into 227th. The excessive speed on 227th makes this an accident waiting to happen. I and one of my neighbors felt compelled to take the local CPR class out of fear that we will be first responders to either a collision or a car vs. pedestrian tragedy. Several people, of all ages, walk this busy thoroughfare.

I have tried for years to have the traffic issues addressed. I wrote letters to senators, commissioners and local businesses who were unaware of their drivers excessive speed. Senator Dean Takko, Commissioner Frank Wolfe and several businesses have reached out to me in response. I am also using this format to ask my community to please use caution in this area, my neighbor and I only have the basic skills to hopefully save your life until paramedics can arrive.

Sheriff Souvenir’s predecessor, Sheriff Scott Johnson, took my concerns to heart and gave me the courtesy of knocking on my door to address the issues. I told him and Sheriff Souvenir that I am not concerned about a few miles an hour over the speed limit, but about the people who exceed it by twice the 35 mph posted speed or more, on a regular basis.

Sheriff Johnson coordinated with the commissioner and public works to install additional speed limit signs, he borrowed the speed monitoring trailer from the State Patrol and he put out traffic monitoring devices to gauge traffic volume and speed. He also put the area on a deputy patrol, so at least they were more visible. That was a great start, but there is no enforcement — not then, and not now.

Sheriff Souvenir, a non-response to a community concern is not a path to a solution, or a 90% approval rating.



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