Brian Blake, a Democrat, has voted for nearly every tax and fee bill and every new regulation that the Washington Democratic Party has introduced and passed in the 18 years he’s been a representative, including $50 billion Inslee has signed into law the last eight years ( after promising a “lean government” when taking office in 2012.

Wait until the pandemic passes. Rahm Emanuel (D), former Chicago mayor, used the phrase “You never want a serious crisis go to waste” ( This is a phrase Hillary Clinton (D) recently repeated ( and then there’s the Democrat Majority Whip Jim Clyburn’s comment, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision” (

First, the Washington State Legislature and county and city governments will want to cut the police/sheriffs, then the fire departments, the parks, fish and wildlife, the schools — anything that causes you pain and convinces you to vote for new taxes. They would never consider cutting their huge list of “pet” projects and “pork” or using their “rainy day fund,” if they were smart enough to have one.

In May, faced with a forecast $8.8 billion revenue shortfall over the next three years ( because of the pandemic lockdown, Inslee did cut $445 million over the next three years ( from the current budget (including a paltry $50 million from the huge climate change fund and funding for new youth rehabilitation facilities — we don’t need those, as most of those needing rehab have been released due to the pandemic — and the orca protection fund, among others.

Wait a minute — you do the math. If you are a small business and expect a $88,000 shortfall, are you going to cut just $4,450 in expenses? You would then have to raise your prices (taxes) by $83,550. Good luck with that.

It’s time to give Republican Joel McEntire a look. We need a new voice for Southwest Washington and a break in the Democratic lock-hold on our money, going to the Democrats’ donor class.


Long Beach

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