The Ocean Park Food Bank is so grateful for the outpouring of donations which will enable us to keep stocked with food after the emergency provisions that we have been receiving are terminated. With the temporary loss of unemployment benefits and newly unemployed, more provisions will be needed. Families from our community were so thankful to be blessed with the food we could buy for the holidays. Jack's Country Store and Okie’s Thriftway have continued to work with us to ensure we are able to purchase what we need.

The Corder Foundation matching program generated many new donations to us, and we are so thankful to them for doing this again this year. We have tried to acknowledge donations through cards or receipts. Some donations are on a regular basis or through the green bag program. Many have said their canceled check is enough. If additional receipts or letters are needed please call me at 360-665-6074.

The green bag program has generated thousands of pounds of food and also individuals have brought in hundreds of pounds of food and paper products.

A special thank you to our volunteers who continued to work during this difficult time and to our clients that complied with our rules of masks and distancing. This has been a challenge for us all. I would like to also thank the other members of the board. Michael Goldberg tirelessly has been picking up vegetable boxes every Tuesday and doing other tasks as needed which have been many, Sheryl Wren keeps our warehouse stocked and orders food on a regular basis, Cheri Hoyer buys special foods for our homeless that can be used without cooking facilities, and Kathie Smith is our volunteer coordinator ensuring that we are staffed, including on the days when trucks of food arrive to be unloaded and stacked. There are volunteers that come in on our off days to stock for the week, and others that pick up baked goods from Safeway.

The food bank is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Also on the second Friday of each month seniors who are under a certain income level can come in for a special Federal program of supplemental food. Kathy Condron and Shirley Chang run that program.

Happy New Year to a very caring community.


Ocean Park Food Bank

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