I'm completely fed up with some of my peers who continue to reject and resist taking reasonable precautions to safeguard themselves and the rest of us until the scientists come up with a working vaccine against covid-19. I shall refer to these people as pandemic deniers.

First they declare that a very large number of the population dies from the "regular" flu every year. This is true. My question is:

How many of these people who died received a flu shot? How many were exposed to the flu virus by people that did not get a flu shot?

If you are one of the pandemic deniers do you get a yearly flu shot to safeguard yourself and your family from the "regular" flu?

Comparing the current pandemic to the "regular" flu is a weak argument because there is currently no vaccine for covid. The number of "regular" flu deaths could be greatly reduced by vaccinations but at least those unfortunate victims had an option.

The next point they attempt to make is that the issue is politically motivated. Somehow the evil left is plotting against the righteous right to destroy the world economy and create a socialist utopia. What a ridiculous, paranoid waste of time. Nobody should listen to or follow the advice of any politician on either side when it comes to a purely scientific medical situation. Beware of medical advice that is tied to any political agenda. True scientific principles and practitioners are always non-partisan. Fact based research and conforming to proven scientific protocols while ignoring outside influences is the only rational way forward.

The last thing that the deniers cling to is the fact that their rights as a free American are being infringed upon by restrictions and decrees to take reasonable precautions such as wearing masks and practicing social distancing. To this I say grow up.

"Nobody can tell me what to do" and "you're not the boss of me" are arguments made by 9-year-olds. People are dying. The stakes are too high for all of us to tolerate you balling up your fists, stomping your feet and throwing a tantrum because the authorities dared to try to direct you to go along with the rest of us for the good of us all. Clinging to your stubborn attitude is selfish, short sighted and puts everyone around you at risk.

Science will find a solution. Vast amounts of resources have been earmarked for this task. It will take time. We are all sick and tired of the sacrifices we have made over the last five months and none of us wants to keep going on like this but we have to hang in there and weather the storm until we prevail. That is what we Americans do, what we have always done, but we need to do it together.

Deniers: You absolutely have the right to make your own decisions about your health and how you conduct your lives. You certainly have made up your minds and nothing I or anyone else says will change that. Since you have no regard for your own protection, please stay away from the rest of us or get on board with safety procedures until the doctors come up with a way to protect the population from your reckless behavior.


Ocean Park

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For those who are freaking out themselves over the COVID one question. Why don't you go home and stay there?

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