I am upset that the Beach Barons were compelled to cancel Rod Run this year due to a governor that dictates in favor of politics, not the needs of people. This would have been the 37th year that this very popular event occurred. It is also the last event of the year for the local businesses to gain enough profit to survive the winter.

Every business is essential because if we can’t operate our businesses and people can’t go to work, they aren’t able to provide for their families. These mandates that Gov. Inslee inflicts on residents of Washington have no common sense. We are forbidden to shop in a store without a mask but protestors are exempt. He uses these tests to make his decision that prove very little. Doctors from hospitals and universities have learned that masks are more harmful than helpful. The worst thing about masks is that they give a false sense of security. The covid-19 virus is 0.1 micron. A mask is as effective at blocking the virus as preventing a mosquito from going through a wire fence. If there is a mask available, it would also block the air molecule causing rebreathing of carbon dioxide. The best protection is distance. Instead of scaring people with inaccurate information, post a list of what can be done to best protect a person at risk from contracting the virus. However nothing we do can completely prevent anyone from contracting this virus. The only was to be sure of never getting this virus is to die first.

This mandate on July 7 was for no reason. Apparently there was such desperation to find an increase in covid-19 that they resorted to searching sewage waste. Public Health Department of southern Pacific County showed virtually minimal positive testing. And we don’t even know if that was valid because it has been discovered that CDC statistics are not accurate and CDC has now been bypassed from publishing any results.

Stop this political agenda, open our businesses completely and open our schools based on decisions

There is no law that dictates this and it cannot be enforced. To intimidate our businesses with removal of their license (temporary or not) is morally criminal, mandated by a criminal. To bum down businesses and commit murder and call it "peaceful" and look forward to a "summer of love" with these criminals is insane. Where was our governor while this was going on?


Long Beach

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