Some of us love watching birds, especially around our yards. They also help with spreading seeds and promoting good plant health. Unfortunately, climate change is making it harder for birds to survive. The food they need is harder to find. The trees they build their nests in are harder to find. Many people use pesticides and herbicides which also kill birds.

We can turn this around! We can each help birds. The Audubon Society suggests we start by creating safe places for birds to rest and nest in our yards. We can use fewer pesticides, let dead trees stand, install birdbaths, and convert lawns and gardens to native plants. We can plant bird friendly plants in yards, school grounds, parks, vacant lots and common areas.

The pollution we all emit — from cars and other uses of fossil fuels — also hurts birds. We can all focus on driving less — combine trips whenever possible. We can car pool or take the bus. We can investigate solar, wind and water generated electricity. These renewable resources are clean sources of energy and are becoming a lot less expensive than they were.

Personally, I love watching birds. I remember the first time I saw a cedar waxwing. It was awesome. With your help, we can keep enjoying these feathered neighbors for many years to come.



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