Reading Allie Bair's article on Medicare and its shortcomings last week was disappointing. I am saddened by the story of her aunt's experience with Medicare's limit on convalescent care. It is unfortunate that her aunt didn't have Long Term Care Insurance so that she might not have had to spend down her apparently considerable assets in order to qualify for Medicaid to stay in a nursing facility.

Before I was forced to enroll Medicare in 2012, I was paying over $1,200 a month for my family, so I can understand and empathize with the difficulties faced by the rest of Allie's family. Stories like these were not uncommon decades ago and are unfortunately still with us. Luckily, only insurance was ever at issue as care never was because of laws requiring that no one be turned away by hospitals.

I agree that Congress needs to take up medical insurance reform and am glad to see that even Republican and Libertarian plans include existing conditions just like they did in 2009 before Obamacare.


Ocean Park

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