Carol Obenour used the weak CNN narrative that Trump ordered the killing that took out the most wanted terrorist in the world as an excuse to distract from the bogus biased Democratic impeachment. Of course we now know this Iranian terrorist was responsible for the deaths of over 650 of our military heroes and maiming of over 5,400 of our military.

She says Trump bypassed Congress to order this strike. Facts show differently. Obama ordered the death of Bin Ladin without permission of Congress and ordered 563 missile strikes in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen that killed 807 civilians. Again, Obama did not consult with Congress.

Obenour says Obama left Trump a booming economy. Facts show much differently, Obama had 8 years of almost 0% interest rates from the Fed and he used taxpayers’ money to pay for his economic stimulus program adding $1.7 trillion to our national debt. Trump has had 4% interest to deal with and had the economy at record levels. Trump has created 200,000 jobs on average for 18 months consecutively; Obama never once reached 150,000 new jobs. Obama took office Jan. 20, 2009, and inherited a $10 trillion debt. When he left office on Jan. 2, 2017, he left us with a $19.97 trillion debt, according to the GOA.

Democrats consistently distort the facts because they just can’t get over Hillary losing. The do-nothing Democratic-controlled house has not passed one meaningful piece of legislation since taking over. They promised to fix infrastructure and healthcare, but have done nothing but waste our tax money on their bogus investigations. I, for one, demand that Congress does their job and fix the immigration loopholes, fix infrastructure, help the President get lower-priced drugs. Look at all Trump has managed to accomplish on his own and look at the record unemployment rate for minorities at 4.6%, the record Dow, and booming 401k for workers.

It’s time Democrats stop hating and start working across the aisle in a bipartisan manner. The Democrats and their fake news propaganda machines are destroying our Republic. Facts do matter.


Ocean Park

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