I just finished reading an interesting article by USA Today entitled “A new level of inhumanity: Democrats denounce White House idea to release migrants in sanctuary cities.”

Wow. Gotta take a moment and catch my breath here.

You know, the first time I heard the term "sanctuary city" I immediately knew there was no such thing. States have no authority over federal law. That’s why the Justice Department moved toward a lawsuit against states which were doing this. The lawsuit crawls at a snail’s pace because of politics, but that’s not the point.

The Democrats' liberal crusader, Nancy Pelosi, was said to have called this plan “despicable.” And one potential release area, San Francisco, appears to bring up that good old NIMBY syndrome again.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an idea, suggestion, joke, or a real plan. Alleging the president is using migrants as political pawns, by this response our friendly Democrats are actually breaking a new barrier of their own inhumanity.

There is no way to make the Democrats happy, including giving them what they want. They will never be happy, but they will always be hypocrites.



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