Apparently, Scott Calhoun does not fact check his absurd ramblings. (See letter to the editor, Aug. 7, 2019.)

The Democrats are in charge of the Washington State Legislature and it is the Democrats who are pushing this pay by the mile tax. Furthermore, Calhoun is the obvious pusher of leftist propaganda. Facts matter and the fact is Calhoun is an uninformed leftist attack dog. My statement regarding keeping government out of our lives is a right, not a choice. Calhoun seems to think that the Democrats wanting to track your miles by whatever means is OK. That’s a bunch of bull.

Calhoun also states that I refuse to believe anything negative about Trump. My letter does not mention Trump, so who is the angry person here? Calhoun is obviously an angry liberal Democrat who would have you think that the Democratic controlled legislature has the right to keep on taxing us all and spending our hard-earned money any way they want.

One thing is for sure, the Democrats are the party of tax, tax and tax some more. Washington state has the second highest gas tax at 49 cents per gallon and yet they want more. Calhoun won’t admit that the Democrats waste that tax money on bogus expenditures. If 48 other states with lower gas tax rates can get by fine then Washington is obviously not managing our money well.

Apparently, Calhoun has a personal dislike for my opinions but I will not be silenced by a liberal loudmouth. One would think that Calhoun is an angry Democrat who would demand everyone sees it his way or he attacks your personal character. Facts do matter and it is true that California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Massachusetts and Illinois all run by Democrats are the states that are leading the way with this tax-your-miles scam.

As an independent I believe in less government. Democrats will keep on taking our money and spending it any way they please. Calhoun neglected to mention that the money collected from this scam has no rules on where the money gets spent.

Calhoun, lighten up and stop hating.


Ocean Park

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