Since my cat Boo passed last October, I’ve been considering adopting another cat. On March 16 I went to the South Pacific County Humane Society to see about an adoption. That’s where I met Mogul, a sweet, affectionate elderly black cat with less than ideal kidney health, (he needs a special diet cat food). Due to these factors, he has gone unadopted for several months.

I’m an older guy myself and figured Mogul and I would make a darn good team. I filled out the adoption form and went home. Sometime later, I received a call from SPCHS stating that I couldn’t adopt Mogul because I had used the food bank in the past six months.

Puzzled, I went to the to the food bank and learned that they do not give out information about individuals who use the food bank. Furthermore, the SPCHS has never called them about any such matter. Now I’m left scratching my head, wondering why SPCHS would tell me a falsehood and represent that falsehood as the reason for my disqualification. It sounds a little farfetched, even to me but that was my experience.

When I filled out the application, the information requested included my landlord’s name and number, my address and what type of home I live in. SPCHS didn’t contact my landlord, or anyone else. The only pertinent information really left on the form was that I reside in a 35-foot RV. Is this the reason I was turned down to adopt a pet? I shudder to think. Who does that? But, if this is the case, the food bank story makes a kind of sense.

You can’t just tell someone that they’re not qualified for something because of where they live. That would be wrong and likely illegal. Easier to concoct the “food bank fabrication.” What a superb way to prevent trailer park “riff raff” from adopting a pet. I suspect that my Humane Society experience may not be an isolated one. If there are others with a similar narrative, I urge them to come forward and share their stories. Perhaps it is time to shine a brighter light on the South Pacific County Humane Society.

All this said, I am not usually the sort to go around stirring up the muck and causing a fuss. I’m just an old guy who wants to rescue a sweet, old black cat who deserves far, far better than the bum hand life has dealt him. Why was that rescue denied? Does SPCHS, from time to time, work against its own purpose? If so, why?


Ocean Park

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