I would like to correct several false statements made by Bay Center resident Dick Wilson in last week’s paper.

1. My legal actions are not against the county, but are in fact in response to Pacific County’s unlawful enforcement action against Oysterville Sea Farms (OSF).

2. While the initial unlawful interference with OSF was in response to allegations that OSF’s business practices violated shoreline laws, Pacific County spent seven years challenging every aspect of OSF in what seems like every possible way. Pacific County consistently demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of its own infraction systems and land use laws in every one of these unwarranted challenges.

3. Running against Dick’s preferred incumbent commissioner in no way supports my personal business agenda. Serving the citizens of Pacific County will negatively impact my ability to operate my business. This is a sacrifice I am happy to make in hopes of serving as a commissioner who promotes fair and equal treatment under the law for everyone in Pacific County.

Because Pacific County government chose to not follow due process, lie and deny its knowledge and approvals of OSF commercial activities to support unlawful interference with OSF, disputes between Pacific County and OSF have been and will be settled in the court of law. To date, six judges have ruled in favor of OSF’s permitted commercial activities. I am certain the trend of Pacific County losing to OSF in court will continue until Pacific County government acknowledges it damaged OSF through unlawful actions and makes a reasonable attempt to repair those damages. If elected county commissioner, I will need to recuse myself from county decisions directly related to OSF.

Dick Wilson has never once spoken to me about county interference with OSF. He has chosen to remain ignorant on the subject to support his misrepresentation of it. His candidate of choice loudly supported the county’s unlawful interference with OSF. He misused his credibility of his office to defame me publicly and privately. Obviously, I found these unwarranted personal attacks on my heritage, life’s work, livelihood and character objectionable. More importantly, these malicious and irresponsible actions created needless expense and liabilities for Pacific County. Supporting the county’s losing legal battles against OSF was not the action of a fiscally responsible elected official. We need county commissioners who avoid unnecessary legal actions rather than squander county resources in frivolous appeals of a losing position. We need a commissioner who will fight for due process for all citizens rather than regurgitate untrue allegations of a few of his favored citizens. We need a responsible commissioner who works towards a shared prosperity for all he represents. If I thought my incumbent opponent was responsibly serving our county, I would not be running against him.


Candidate for County Commissioner

Pacific County District #2

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