As a business owner, and resident of Ocean Park, I’m writing to publically endorse Dan Driscoll and Lisa Olsen for Pacific County Commissioners.

Dan Driscoll is honest and forthright. He has no hidden agendas. He is not beholding to anyone or any entity. There are no special interests paying for or supporting his campaign. He is not an elitist. He will not be a puppet for those who believe they should have greater access and special treatment because of who they are. He does not represent the “good ole boys”, nor the “this is the way it’s always been done” folks. He will represent all of us equally. Dan is a fair and trustworthy man.

Dan’s roots are deep in Willapa Bay and no one is more concerned or aware of the environmental issues impacting our county than Dan. He lives and breathes for her health and well-being. That’s good for all of us.

As a business owner, Dan understands the challenges of making a living while still navigating the increasing demands placed on small business by the cumbersome burden of government rules, regulations, and rising taxes. He is not a career politician, and that is a positive, not a negative. He is not looking to move up the ladder of public service. Vote for Dan Driscoll.

I’d also like to publicly endorse Lisa Olsen for county commissioner. Lisa cares deeply for our county, all of our county, not just the area on the “other side” from Ocean Park.

A great example of Lisa’s caring and “get’er done” attitude was over the Fourth of July. When it became apparent the onslaught was going to happen, Lisa scrambled to personally purchase trash bags, hundreds and hundreds of them. Volunteers then handed out those trash bags to the revelers as they drove down the beach access approaches. This action removed thousands of pounds of trash that would have otherwise remained on the beaches or washed out to sea with the tides.

Lisa is a talented and accomplished facilitator. She works hard to bring opposing factions to the table, which allows great things to be accomplished for our county. She works for all of us and with all of us.

This election for Pacific County Commissioner is not about which party you align yourself with, and it’s not about the letter next to the candidate’s name. This election is about which person will represent you the most fairly, honestly, respectfully, and equally.

Please mark your ballot for Dan Driscoll. He will not disappoint you, and he will never take advantage of your trust.

And please mark your ballot for Lisa Olsen. Lisa will continue to be fair and accessible to all of the county residents.

We’re fortunate to have two such fine folks willing to step up to make our communities better places.


Hearing Aid Center

Ocean Park

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