I am a motivated and well-qualified alternative to an opponent who has spent two terms demonstrating he is uniquely unqualified for office by violating public trust and supporting unlawful county actions. Based on the content of letters to the editor supporting my opponent, his most ardent supporters agree. Customarily supporters of a two-term politician praise his accomplishments while the challenger attacks his record. The opposite has been true in this campaign.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, I hope it becomes customary for citizens to see theft, lies character assignation and name calling as acts committed by those who support corrupt politics over the best interests of citizens.

Mike Parker flagrantly and willfully violates the law while he bears false witness against others. Pacific County would not have had any legal issues with Oysterville Sea Farms if it stayed committed to the rule of law and followed due process in response to untrue complaints made by Mike Parker and Dick Sheldon. At the same time, Parker is making more untrue allegations about OSF and blaming me for the mess and expense caused by the county's inappropriate response to his and Dick Sheldon's untrue complaints, he is stealing my campaign signs.

Steve Rogers stated that I requested documents dating "from the birth of Christ.” This is a easily provable to be a lie. Key McMurry's misrepresentation of OSF’s interactions with the County is insulting and inaccurate. Listen to the audiotapes of SMP meetings. You will not hear anything to support Key’s fabrication that I raised my voice and yelled. At one SMP meeting, I informed all attending that they had assigned the wrong shoreline designation to the Oysterville cannery buildings. Rather than include this fact for consideration during this public process, Jim Sayce (Frank Wolfe’s brother-in-law) responded by stating “someone is going to get gored in this SMP update.” Goring should never be a stated goal of any public process.

No one speaks for me. It was ridiculous for James Clancy to do so. In describing positions he claims are mine, Clancy demonstrates his total ignorance of these subjects and me. It is indicative of the "special rules for special people" approach to governing practiced by my opponent that his supporter Paul Majkut responded to my statement “ I stand for justice” by asking “justice for whom?” Justice for all is my answer. There is no justice if there is not justice for all. It is noteworthy that in his two letters supporting my opponent, Paul Majkut has not mentioned one praiseworthy thing about my opponent.

People need to make laws that treat everyone fairly and equally. Government needs to treat everyone fairly and equally under the law. Learn more about my campaign by reading my interview in next week’s paper, reading my candidate's flyer, visiting votedandriscoll.com or "liking" Vote for Driscoll on Facebook.



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