Are emergency medical technicians trained to lecture older people when called to take the older person to the hospital several days after a fall that severely injured the caller's back and knee?

The EMT that showed up at our house certainly felt it was his duty to doubt that the caller need an ambulance to get to the hospital. As soon as he got into the house he started questioning whether I needed the ride to the hospital as my insurance might not pay the expense since I might get someone to take to take me and drop me off, and then I would have a bill to pay for the ride.

He felt that since I was able to hobble to the door, I should get someone else to take me. He treated me as if I was old and too senile to know what I should be doing.

It was none of his business whether I could pay the bill for the ambulance or not. I was almost in tears and in a lot of pain when he finally agreed to take me to the hospital.

It is not my fault that his insurance wouldn’t pay for the trip his wife took to the hospital in an ambulance not long ago.

Fortunately, I didn't have any broken bones, just deep bruises.

Lois Cameron


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